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A New Me - from size 20 to size 10 in one year.

In May last year my husband and I booked a holiday to Tonga in July... we had 8 weeks and we thought we'd try and lose a little weight first. Since I've been overweight for nearly 15 years and I’ve tried many diets before, I didn’t hold my hope out, but this time I did something different – I’ve committed to a lifestyle change... and I've succeeded! So I thought I'd share what I’ve done to make it work here: START POINT: 20th May 2010 Weight: 98kg Height: 172cm Size: 18-20 Bra: 20DD Age: 39 I MADE MYSELF ACCOUNTABLE Firstly I created an excel spreadsheet which I printed out and put beside my bed. Each morning, first thing, and each night, last thing, I weigh myself and I record it. I know there are groups and people out there who say you should only weight weekly but I now strongly disagree. Over the course of time, I have come to read and understand my body fluctuations and I also can acknowledge a particularly ‘bad day’ when it happens, rather than beating myself up at my ‘weekly’ weigh in. I've come to discover that sometimes one bad day takes a lot more than 'just being good for the rest of the week' and now I can actively work to correct it. Now I even have an application (Libra Weight Manager) on my mobile phone which I also record my morning weight, and it shows a graph of my weight, BMI, goal line and more. I believe I will continue to weigh myself daily for the rest of my life! I’VE GOT OFF MY BUTT Together my husband and I made the decision to go for a walk each evening. We started at just a 15 min walk, and at nearly 100kg at first that was all my body could handle, but as I've lost weight and gained fitness, I've increased it to 20, 30 and now 40 minutes, and included hills. As our fitness improved we also began to look for variety and challenges to raise our heart rate and began to discover the local walkways, parks, and DOC tracks. Now on a good weather weekend we try to do a 3-4 hour hike. And it is amazing how beautiful our country is when you get out there! Once you get the hiking bug, you’ll love it. My next goal is to compete in a duathalon this summer season, and I have just purchased a road bike to train for this and so will be working on increasing my walking into a healthy jog/run as the weather improves as well. DIET I've opted for a low kilojoule diet and while I don't necessarily agree with Meal Replacement meals, they are a great starting point if you need help to lose a lot weight. Now that I have almost got to my target weight I've begun to address my eating habits, meal portions, quality of food etc. I'm looking at when to (and not to) eat carbs, processed sugars and wheat, being aware of what foods are high in kj’s (and it would surprise you), choosing proteins before exercise, and making sure that I keep my fluid intake up. At first cravings and rumblings were a problem and I did used a herbal appetite depressant to fend off the sugar craving for the first month. And I also learnt to ‘tell myself’ that just because it’s grumbling does not mean it needs food. SUPPORT & NETWORKING I reported my weekly loss/gain on Facebook and gained encouragement from my friends. Some even joined me and of these, they have lost between 5-10 kg each. Having a network of support is a great source of encouragement and drives your accountability too. RESHAPING MY BODY I've always had chubby legs - they are now slender and shapely I had spare tires around my waist - it's now flat I was a 20DD in the bra - I'm now a 12DD And for the first time in my life I'm actually 'wearing through' pairs of shoes. But all this would not be possible by just diet. To get those legs and butt, I've walked, hiked and hill climbs. To tone the stomach, I’ve addressed my carb/wheat intake, and I sit on a swiss ball (which helps to tone your body core) as my office chair or while watching TV. TODAY Weight 69kg Size: 10-12 Bra: 12DD Age: 40 I'm loving the new me and I'm loving the lifestyle change. NB: I've also had to discover the location of every 2nd hand shop in town because you can't go from a 20 to a 10 in one year buying new clothes the whole way - and gee it's been fun!

Wow that is truly awesome!


On my bike - Easter Weekend.


Me - July 2010 Tonga (size 18) Me - May 2011 40th Birthday (size 10-12)

Well done, something to be really proud of


Wow you have done so well! Huge Congrats!!! You have given me motivation big time!


Wow! Looking gorgeous! Im proud of you, and your motivation!


That's soooo AWESOME!! Inspiration right there.


Congrats - that is a superb achievement. Full credit for being so regimental - it has certainly worked for you!!


I'd forgotten to credit my personal trainer... Mysti! (PHOTO) Approximately 12.8 seconds after we get up from the dinner table each night our fox terrier starts to 'get us ready' for our nightly walk! She does a brilliant job and is relentless. The perfect trainer!

hahaha that's way cool, go Mysti!


This is a montage of photos of me from my wedding day (size 12-14) through the last 17 years (size 16-20), up to our holiday in Tonga last year (size 18) and then the change as I've engaged my lifestyle change! And it was incredibly difficult to find many photos of me over the last 17 years as I have spent much of my time hiding from the camera!


Thats so amazing in one year I cant believe it.


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