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Worst Advert Ever

Who will agree with me on this one? The worst ad is Harvey Norman and the guy just shouts louder and louder and a very annoying voice! Am not all negative, but things like those make me go mute or change the channel. They may have very good deals but makes me not even interested! Any comments anyone pls?

Yes your right, so VERY annoying, this and the crazy lady from that bed place!

Haha, I agree wholeheartedly with the Harvey Norman ad and the crazy lady from the bed shop!


Haven't seem this advert but now I will look out for it. Hubbie and I have become real nit-pickers with adverts and we both grizzle constantly about the 'untruths', the bad grammar, the lack of creativity, the irrelevance etc. we are bombarded with in ads. Hubbie reckons we should have an advertsement censor (himself) who throws out all the bad ones and we would propbably end up having to watch very few indeed!


...I detest most adverts....especially during the RWC on Sky TV couldn't believe they snuck ads into the games, even though it was suppose to be ad free.....some ads I think are hilarious but others meh! change channel get up and do something or record it with my sky to watch later and forward pass the ads....lol

they media just dont get it. i wish they could have all the adverts in a lumpsum together for probably 10 minutes or 15 minutes time and let us watch the programmes in peace. then we all know that the allocated time is for adverts only and one can have a shower or cook dinner or take a walk.... you know..


Can't think of any worst ads at the moment but I enjoy watching old schools ones on youtube like these:


That one for that furniture company...can't remember which company, but with that blonde girl who acts like a two year old. She looks ridiculous and I find it embarrassing to watch.


Oh I have to agree with you there Sarah, Big Save Furniture - that woman is SOOO annoying.........


the big save furniture girl.. and that suppliments guy - although they say you either need to have a really amazing ad or a really shit at to get noticed... and we do notice and remember them - guess thats something.... (although cant say it makes me want to shop at any of those places!!)

By 'the suppliments guy' do you mean the one from Shotgun Supplements? If so, I too find him utterly horrible. And that girl just stands in the corner with a bucket of water, waiting for him to que her to pour it over the terribly animated flames that are engulfing his body.
I wish they were real flames....


I don't care what the commercial is - the most annoying thing is HOW LOUD THEY ARE ... compared to the volume of the tv programme you've just been watching.

yer that is so annoying!!!!!!! <3 the mute button during ads!!

...haha exactly...they always seem to be a couple of volume clicks higher than the actually programs that are screening it always irritates me when that happens cause you usually have it at the right level and then the stupid Ad is louder.....thought it was just me am glad to see I'm not alone on this....lol


I guess the advertisers would be patting themselves on the back reading this forum! They aim to be memorable


"I can't eat your ghost chips man"

(not saying it's bad, just that it's memorable)


I can't stand that ad for funeral insurance which prays on people's emotions. . Such a swizz - as if they are doing you a favour giving you your money back to spend "How you want to"! I see that they have upped what they say a funeral will cost you from m $5,000 to $10,000. This is riduculous as I've been involved in a few funerals lately and they haven't cost anywhere near this. This advert is the very worst as it's all about making people feel guilty when they don't need to. If I could ban ii, I would.

another rip off.....


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