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Whiskey or Wine?

They say never mix the grape and the grain, but I found whiskey and wine have a lot in common. Has anyone been to the heartlands of whiskey? As I worked near the boarders of Scotland I soon become indoctrinated into (not only) whiskey etiquette but also the world of passionate whiskey drinkers and connoisseurs. I love engaging with passionate people and I realised that whiskey (like wine) embodies a region. For these people a sip is a journey to a specific area, be it peat-lands or earthy lochs. I applaude this nod to the senses! For me it is more likely to be food - a kaffir lime leaf takes me to Bangkok - but I understand this desire to heighten sense experience and I now try to read about the place a special bottle of wine or whiskey comes from. This doesn't happen much due to budget - duty-free helps - but it has been an enlightening and awesome experience every time - better than quoffing for sure. Maybe I am sounding a bit of a nana, but for me this harking-back to putting meaning into consumerism (like Farmer's Markets for example) has been a welcome change from the mass-culture I grew up with. Yes it can be pricey but not always, and the knowledge and passion people have should be illuminated as much as they are illuminating! Thanks for the rant guys :)


Whiskey, wine, cider, port, lemon and Paeora... It's not just beverages and food though. Most people have a thirst for knowledge and just like anything else, the more you know about something, the more you can appreciate it. I don't think that knowledge has to be an expensive exercise though. You can learn about just bout anything on the web. NZrs are avid bookworms too. Then there are movies and TV programmes - and just people to talk to everywhere. Like most people I love travel and I get a real thrill when I see somewhere I've been in a movie or read a book set there. A smell can transport me back to my childhood. The light at a particular moment can arouse a memory long forgotten. It's probably a basic human need - when we recognise an experience, it's really a mirror reflecting back to us what makes us who we are.


Chivas thanks! Mix it with ginger beer and fresh lime, so much more refreshing than wine kk


Cheaper whiskies are much better value if you are going to mix them with fizzy pop. I don't think I'm a whiskey snob but to me it's such a waste to drink Chivas like this. The soft drinks knocks out all the subtleties of flavour and smoothness so you might as well be drinking any old Scotch. Would you buy a crayfish and drown it in tomato ketchup or would the anonymous fish takeaway be a better choice?


I definitely prefer wiskey to wine.


I don't think you can compare whisky and wine. They are totally different types of drinks which are drunk quite different ways and in different quantities. That's like comparing cured bacon and roast lamb.

I'm sure your not really directing this at me - and the conversation wasn't to choose one or the other, as you rightly say they're not really comparable in a taste/quantity sense - but that the makers of them try to embody distinct characteristics of a region is where I think they meet - but you are right - they come to this "bottling of the landscape" and being permeated by local flavours of the soil, air and water in very distinct and different ways. It sounds like you can teach me a thing or two though - I've never tried roast lamb wrapped in cured bacon ;) awesome stuff!


A fine whisky should not be adulterated with soft drink. A little ice to put an edge on it and quick sips or so I'm told. Wine is the tipple of choice in our house and with all the choice available its fun to find a new one you really like I think you should get happy on whisky and plonked on wine ?


...if I had to choose it would definitely be Whiskey over Wine...


I love wine. It's so elegant and yummy and perfect to drink with family. I somehow always feel like a drunkard when I have whiskey.


Whisky always good at the end of a night especially around a fire whilst camping. Ideally served out of an enamal mug

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