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Where is your “anywhere but there”?

Where is your “anywhere but there”? Your dream might be to visit Venice, Paris, Bali, Rio, Antarctica… but do you have a place where you definitely don’t want to go? For example, some people see India as a romantic, colourful destination, others as a dirty, noisy, dangerous place. Some see driving through the Aussie outback as a real adventure while others say “Boring!” Is there somewhere on this planet that you just don’t ever want to go? Where? Why not? What if you won a competition for a holiday there – would you take it regardless?

At the moment, anywhere that requires vaccinations. I am so desperate I am considering hypno-therapy!

I'll bet the person giving the vaccinations is used to seeing many people who feel like that and will be as helpful as possible talking you through it :)


Here are a few places I'd rather not end up on holiday. Clockwise from top left: Railway station India, beach (Korea), beach (China), beach (China).

I was reading your post thinking but I want to go everywhere! Then I saw your pictures. I totally do not want to go to any of those places!

Holy crap! Imagine driving for an hour to get to the beach and be greeted by that!


anywhere with sun, sand, cocktails, waiters... and not too many people... or bugs

oops i was dreaming of where i wanted to be =P i wouldnt like to go india i dont think.. heard to any scary stuff about it... and any of the 3rd world places where there are dead people on the streets... that would just scare the bejeses out of me... and anywhere i need to take a million medical shots before going... haha thats enough reason not to go if you ask me!!


My anywhere but there would be the middle east war zones, I'm sure it's got some awesome things to see but they're not quite me worth risking getting bombed, also never been too keen on Thailand and that whole area of Asia. It looks absolutely beautiful and the animals are amazing (which will probably end up dragging me there) but the bitey insects, diseases and terrifying jails and justice system scares me, anyone seen that TV show Big Trouble in Thailand? It says it's to put Thailand's bad rep wrong and give them a better name but oh no no no terrified me sooooo much more.


Greece appeals to me! as does France.....I think those would be an awesome place to go to with my boyfriend ;). In saying that, I would also LOVE to visit some place exciting!! South Africa would be awesome...seeing lots of animals roaming free, I think that would be awesome (as long as I am safe and not going to get eaten alive by a lion, tiger, OR bear ;) ). Places that I am completely put off by is those that have really tough Jail terms.....I think its thailand? Yeah, well I don't do drugs or anything hideous like that, but the thought of someone putting some drugs in my bag (I have no idea how, but anyway), and me getting caught and spending a life term in an unknown country for the rest of my life DOES NOT APPEAL AT ALL! So yeah, im definitely put off those countries.... :) I agree with Anna too, not keen on getting a million medical shots, if getting a million is a must, then the place visiting is probably not worth it ;). HAHA...I can't wait till I can finally visiting a different country other than NZ :) I am sure my time will come :)

Thailand is one of the places I most want to go to. So much to see and do. Hopefully I'll make it there one day...


I've always been a little afraid of places where crime and corruption is part of life = where you have to bribe ‘authorities’ just to pass by, hide all your papers and money and never go out alone. By what friends tell me, I believe this happens a lot in Africa. I also used to watch that TV programme where people somehow ended up in jail in a strange country - quite terrifying! Dirt and disease don't appeal either and the older I get, the more I appreciate comfort and luxury rather than roughing it. I've been really lucky myself and never had any real problems. My worst disasters have been losing luggage on airlines a couple of times… and there was the time my water bottle emptied out in my handbag and all my money, papers (passport included) were totally soaked and unusable. I've had lots of friends who haven't been as fortunate: • wallet stolen from pocket in the Piazza in Venice • all belongings stolen from hotel in Chile • handbag snatched by a bike rider as a friend got out of a taxi and walked across the footpath into a restaurant in Holland • all luggage stolen from a rental car parked in an official parking building in Spain • wallet stolen in London on subway platform • money demanded by police (with guns) in Croatia • money demanded by border police for return of passports somewhere in Africa (happened a number of times) • huge road toll demanded to let vehicle pass in Eastern Europe ... and these are just the instances that I can remember off the top f my head! Still, all these people survived to tell their tales, and I guess misadventure does make a good story. I’ll always be cautious but I'd never give up travelling and I’d never knowlingly put myself at risk of mugging, diseases or worse.


I think like lots of kiwis, personal space is a major issue - how can a beach with that many people be fun?


Aside from my mother-in-laws :p. The idea of going to most Asian countries does not appeal to me at all. If I were a rich girl (lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala) I would go for the experience, as long as I could leave in a hurry lol... but Asia would be the last continent on my visiting list. Too many people, not enough hand sanitiser. Or obviously any place where war is a happening thing.

What about Japan? Just wondering since they don't really seem to have any tourist terrors

But they do have earthquakes and sunamis!

so do we lol, eathquakes atleast. Ur never safe from Mother nature


Anyone game for third world countrries? What about Russia, North Korea, New Guinea, Iran? I always wanted to see the Great Pyramids and float down the Nile but as the years have gone by, this has become less appealing - especially with the erratic bombings that seem to happen in Egypt.


Love the new avatar pic, Jea! Why were you awake at 4am? yawn! I'm not 'overly' keen on being bombed, Wice ;)

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