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what is sensible drinking

so there is not the risk of injury or passing out and not knowing where you end up what is considered in your mind sensible drinking


Being responsible and only having a few, knowing your limit, alternating with water, make sure you eat as well :)


I think sometimes it just has to be time to decide if you should just have one especially if you are driving at this time of the year when its busy and you know there are heaps of police making sure you dont drink and drive.Also if you are female and small you are going to get drunk quicker and therefor in trouble quicker.


Yap i will go for water.


Sensible drinking is the same as sensible eating. You stop before you start to feel sick!

Totally agree with this, as soon as you start to feel sick or out of control stop!!!

Well said!


I think it's all about knowing your limits - and knowing that if you haven't eaten much, don't usually drink, are sitting in the sun all day - it might affect you more. I normally double check with myself in the bathroom mirror to make sure I'm still in a fit state! Drinking more water or just having a fizzy every now and then helps too.


At this time of year people can let their hair down but most people know their limits and those few spoilt it but only for themselves!


Moderation is the key


To me making a commitment to those around you by being aware just how much you consume. As mostly it is those around you that are most affected when ones drinking gets out of control. Stay away from vehicles and think about others. At the same time think of yourself. At the end of the day alcohol is a drug. It can kill you if consumption is O.T.T and may be a precursor to what may kill others. I feel some peeps may forget this. Sensible drinking is responsible drinking.


A sensible drinker is one that drinks to relax after a hard day, a glass over dinner, a few on a night out or a couple in front of the TV. Not have a Hangover the next day or chuck-up in the toilet. If you plan to get plastered then this is not sensible or safe drinking. There is no guarantee your friends will step in and save you from making a fool yourself, if the intent is to get drunk plan your night in advance. A trust worthy designated driver is a must or sleep over.


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