Discussing :: what do you think about the amount of swearing on tv lately?


what do you think about the amount of swearing on tv lately?

I grew up in the east end of London where swearing was just part of the language to a certain extent, still, some words were still considered bad. On tv we were used to beeps when words were not allowed, now it seems that all swearing is included. Personally i don't like it and i dontt think we need it. what do you think?


lol i remember a time where swearing on tv was such a big no no haha.... i think it is ok on certain programmes.... but needs to have proper warnings....


i think it's not nice, but does have it's place in some situations but it's a too regular thing now, like it's a normal everyday thing which i think is sad.


Sometimes an innocent word can be just as annoying like "babes" on My Kitchen Rules. Now I find myself saying babes, horrible! Goes to show how easily we pick up the language off t.v.


These are too much on TV so I dont let my kids to watch anymore.


Nothing unusual from hearing swearing on the street.. I would rather the swearing than the horrible sexual blitzes that sometime appear during the awake times for my children,,, at-least my children know swearing is naughty but when sexual preference adds or shows appear its like WTF man then the uncomfortable questions that shouldnt be asked ay certain ages are asked................................


I was always taught that swearing was done by someone who had a complete lack of vocabulary, but I think these days it is considered every day conversation. TV presenters are bleeped out incessantly, we may not hear but we can lip read. What I do find amusing is, some previews on TV will have unbleeped segments but the actual screening much later, gets the, 'this programme contains language that some people may find offensive, parental guidance is advised', what's that about?,the kids have already heard it hours earlier. As long as our children are taught correctly by their parents, we can only hope they know what to say & where.


Coming from the UK no swearing was allowed on TV/radio till after 9pm at night, wish it was the same here in NZ


We could do without the swearing during the day and evening, hearing schools now days is shocking what comes out of their mouths


I think after say 9.30pm it should be adult time and a free-for-all on swearing but I don't like to see it during the day. I was listening to the radio the other day and it was all "f" this and "f" that - not cool. They manage to blank bad words out in songs pretty well and I am always surprised (and let's face it - generally disappointed) to hear all the actual swear words in them.


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