Discussing :: What are your thoughts on Angelina Jolie double breast mastectomy?


I thought she was stupid, and i was appalled how many people praised her for cutting off her healthy breast. I was like wtf?!! I just hope there is no other women retarded enough to follow suit!! I used to like her as a actress but now when i see her as the celeb with no boobs. Hacked her boobs off for nothing!!


Gosh there are some very interesting views around this subject! I think it was a very brave move and one that I would do myself if my odds of getting the disease were the same as hers. As a mother, most do all they can to ensure they're around long enough to see their kids grow up so based on that reasoning alone she made a very sound and logical decision. I think the majority of people know she could still get it else where - I believe the reporting of it has been quite informative and nothing has been glamourized at all. My gorgeous mum is also a breast cancer survivor so anything related to this issues runs close to our hearts. I am happy Angelina came out (so to speak!) about this because any awareness is a great thing! I don't think it's going to send a barrage of women rushing to their GP's demanding to have their breasts removed. The health system has measures in place to ensure women qualify, they wouldn't perform surgery unnecessarily. And if it means this was the prompt some women needed to get this done, and if it turns out it's the right surgery for them, then good for them I say!


At the end of the day its not about what anyone else thinks its ablout what she felt was right for her .Im sure with her family history she thought very long and hard about her choices .I think good on her maybe now people will stop focusing on all these woman who think only about been skinny ,there are alot more important issues in peoples lives .As someone who has had to deal with the big C I know its hard and difficult to make alot of choices .She has done what is right for her good for her.


This would have been an incredibly difficult decision for her and her husband to make and I really take my hat off to her! Then, to have to face the media to "explain her decision" would have been equally difficult. This is the downside of being in the public eye. However, she has become a wonderful role model for others who find themselves facing a similar decision.


If it means she will be around longer for her family - good on her.


I think it was best thing she could of done having such of high risk of having these cancers i think her mum died from cancer and she was quite close to her and that would of been on her mind now she wont have to worry so much brave lady.


Brave woman clash of clans hack .


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