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Watch out: Worth watching on TV

I often hear about really good TV shows once they have screened or are half way through the series. Thought maybe we could do with somewhere to put our recommendations or note interesting programmes that we hear about that are coming up. I’m very keen on movies – all sorts though I love those that are a bit different. I am lucky enough to be sent the Maori Television Saturday and Sunday features each month and would like to share them with anyone else interested. So…. November 2011 SATURDAY 12 NOVEMBER 9.30 pm Māori Boy Genius G Documentary that goes behind the scenes into the world of 15 year old Maori Boy Genius, Ngaa Rauuira who is the youngest student to be accepted into the prestigious Ivy League College Yale. SATURDAY 12 NOVEMBER 8.30pm After the Wedding AO The manager of an orphanage in India returns to Copenhagen where he discovers a life-altering family secret that will affect his future, and that of the orphanage. SUNDAY 13 NOVEMBER 8.30 pm Seraphine PGR Seraphine is the story of a devout housekeeper who in 1905 at age 41 self taught and with the instigation of her guardian angel began painting brilliantly colourful canvasses. SATURDAY 19 NOVEMBER 8.30 pm Rhodes Actor Singer The story of 31 year old baritone, Philip Rhodes who came from a difficult background yet made his way to the big stage under the tutelage of Dame Kiri Te Kanawa. SATURDAY 19 NOVEMBER 9.30 pm The Rainbow Warriors of Waiheke Island AO Five European activists and one from New Zealand were all once part of the Rainbow Warrior crew. Now living together on Waiheke, what has their activist past achieved for the world and for themselves? SUNDAY 20 NOVEMBER 8.30 pm The Edge of Heaven AO A Turkish man travels to Istanbul to find the daughter of his father’s former girlfriend. SUNDAY 27 NOVEMBER 8.30pm Goodbye Bafana AO The true story of a white South African racist whose life was profoundly altered by the black prisoner he guarded for twenty years. The prisoner's name was Nelson Mandela. [no screening on 26 November because of the general election] ______________ Are there any programmes you particularly enjoy.? One of my current favourites is: Downton Abbey screening Tuesday nights at 8.30pm on Prime


I'm quite enjoying that 24 hrs in A&E on thursday nights and Big Bang theory on Wed nights. Other than that there's not much else I look forward too. Oh, and Millionaire Matchmaker which is complete trash on Saturday nights. OMG that woman is so annoying - she's like Sheldon, but IRL.


I love reality tv!! Sorry but I do and now its coming out that a lot of it is fake!! So how much longer will it be around!?!?!? Survivor is my fav tho and that can't be fake, they get to skinny!!! Love Private Practise too. And don't forget Shortland st.


You do know that PP & SS aren't reality tv, Marley. lol What other reality tv do you like? I quite like amazing race. The aussie one was good - the american one that just started is so different!


...I have to agree Wice they have some really interesting foreign sometimes subtitled movies on Maori TV...I was told by a friend that they have some really diverse ones and so like watching movies on that channel when mainstream plays the same old stuff....but I do like my comedies as well......but have been getting into lately programs on Sky like history, discovery or crime channel......its good we have options I suppose....


Loving Downton Abbey and the Graham Norton show. Maori TV has some great movies - compared to 'hollywood' stuff that is everywhere they are thoughtful and provocative.


Keeping up with the kardashians! even if you hate them, you love to watch them.

...I use to like watching them but now it's like meh....to predictable....I use to like Jersey Shore until everyone went with everyone....lol....so I now think I have gone through the reality buzz and have shifted my viewing pleasure to other things....not that nothing is wrong with reality TV we are just provided with opportunity of having a variety of stuff to watch....

Yeah I used to love watching Jersey but the fourth season has just been overkill & to be honest, they've all gone a bit nutty to say the least, especially Snooki & Mike. Not fun to watch anymore.

I've been watching Get Fresh with Al Brown on demand & also been catching up with all the old 20/20 episodes I've missed. On Youtube I've started watching Season 1 of Masterchef USA.

...hehehe I love You Tube all the great and hidden stuff you can find on their...is awesome....and TVNZ on demand is great too....is good to know we have a lot of options in little old NZ


The only one of the movies I've seen coming up on Maori TV is Seraphine. It's excellent and beautiful to watch though somewhat sad. Has my thumbs up as worth viewing! This Saturday's movie sounds interesting too.

...oh I haven't see that one will have to keep an eye out for it I like some of the movies and docos they have on Maori TV cause they are totally different to what TV2 or TV3 play and you know you can always watch the movies on sky over again within a month period...so i do find some of the movies and docos they provide really interesting...


I haven't seen a new tv series in SO long that I thought was actually any good or worth watching. I've felt like the quality had been dropping overall. I managed to catch a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones on Soho the other day and thought it actually looked like it might be worth watching.


Totally love "Human Planet" on Prime on Friday nigtht. This is an absoultely awesome show - not just nature beautifully photographed, but with a human content which make you relate to what you see so much more. It's a fantastic show! Here's a clip of the show from a couple of weeks ago. It's amazing and shows these guys who steal a lion kill by their own boldness in intimidating six lions in a faceoff! Every episode has been equally gripping so if you want to see more, go to http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=human+planet&aq=f

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