Discussing :: Want to get fit, its gonna kill me.. so whats the best way to restart?


Want to get fit, its gonna kill me.. so whats the best way to restart?

I havent done any fitness for at least 6/7yrs and sick of feeling tired and having lack of energy. I have been re sorting my diet and watching more of what i eat and even been writting it down, which can be a real shock at times. But after such a long break what is the best way to restart, without expensive gym prices? I want to loose at least 10kg by chirstmas.

Good on you!! I've never liked the gym. I much prefer team sports - maybe see if a few friends want to set up a social soccer team? I know its not everyone's cup of tea, but it can be great fun and all that running around after the ball definitely helps shed the kgs. All the best! :)


'Jumper leads', come to mind,.. ideal for flat battery's. Otherwise it's an age old method of one foot after the other. It's sad but true. Choose a diet/exercise buddy as to both can be an encouragement ............


Just start.... it doesnt matter if its small.... start with running around the block.. then make them bigger and bigger.. dont start out too big.. or it may scare yourself off :)


As above.. depending on ur driveway.. jog up and down that if worried about people seeing u puff and panting away, get a rope and do some skipping.. any steps u can use? If u have a dog go for brisk walk,then start jogging when u feel up for it. Will take a while to get into a routine but once u got it u will see ur body changes and love it, I did :)


comfortable sneakers and an mp3 player with fast music is a must. start walking briskly a couple of km or whatever is comfortable and do another lamppost everytime you go out. remember that it takes 3 weeks to get used to a new habit so don't stop before then! Do it for your health - living a longer and healthier life, increasing your bone density - and not only for looking better (although that will be the nice result). Good luck, keep it up :O)


....don't diet...because sooner or later you will go off that diet and it would be hard to maintain....I know I have like many women tried dieting....change that to making a life style change that includes introducing better healthy eating and small steps in exercising....you don't need an expensive gym...go for a walk, put on some music and dance anything that gets your heart rate up is great....start small and increase your activity as you progress.....get a friend involved with you so you can do it both together.....fill your kitchen with fruits and veges, rid it of foods you know are bad for you....if you love those bad foods reward yourself after a certain period of time and buy them in smaller amounts or more healthier alternatives of that food....and as Anna mentioned start now no time like the present....don't expect extreme weight loss or body changes immediately it will come......good luck....oh I forgot to mention there are great exercising videos on You Tube some that go for 30 mins plus and some less than 10 that use equipment or not....so they may help you out also.....


Well Mouse, since your post has been re-ignited, please tell us if you are still pursuing your goal with the passion you had in August... Have you had any success or have you simply relaxed into the person your body (as opposed to mind) wants to be?


I cant say enough of walking. It helped me lose 40 kg. It clears the head and gets you fit at the same time!


Have you tried any of the Jullian Michaels DVDs? Her personality isn't for everyone but she has so many success stories she is definitely worth a try.


Eyes shut, teeth gritted, GO, you can do it.


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