Discussing :: Upcoming Movies 2012 list - what's your favorite movie?


Upcoming Movies 2012 list - what's your favorite movie?

Upcoming Movies are. . . Let's start with 'The Iron Lady' ;-) 30 Dec ... The Iron Lady (wiki) (Weinstein Company) select-4 Meryl Streep ******January 2012****** 06 Jan ... Beneath the Darkness (wki) (Sunset Pictures) 06 Jan ... The Devil Inside (wiki) (Insurge Pictures) 06 Jan ... Roadie (wiki) () 06 Jan ... The Possession (wiki) (Lionsgate) 13 Jan ... Contraband (wiki) (Universal Pictures) with Giovanni Ribisi, Mark Wahlberg 13 Jan ... Beauty and the Beast (wiki) (Disney) 3D release of the 1991 animation 13 Jan ... Everybody Loves Whales (wiki) (Universal Pictures) 13 Jan ... Joyful Noise (wiki) (Warner Bros.) 13 Jan ... Premium Rush (wiki) (Columbia Pictures /Sony Pictures) 13 Jan ... Wanderlust (wiki) (Universal Pictures) 20 Jan ... Underworld: Awakening aka Underworld 4 aka Underworld: New Dawn (wiki) (Screen Gems) 27 Jan ... One for the Money (wiki) (Lionsgate) 27 Jan ... We Need to Talk About Kevin (wiki) (Artificial Eye) February 2012 03 Feb ... W.E. (wiki) (Weinstein Company) directed by Madonna 10 Feb ... Safe House (wiki) (Universal Pictures) 14 Feb ... The Vow (wiki) (Screen Gems) 17 Feb ... Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (wiki) (Columbia Pictures / Marvel Studios) 3D 26 Feb ... Oscars Sunday at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood March 2012 02 Mar ... Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (wiki) (Universal Pictures)/ Illumination Entertainment) CGI 3-D. note that 2 March is the birthday of Dr. Seuss who died in 1991. 02 Mar ... Project X (wiki) (Warner Bros.) 02 Mar ... Safe (wiki) (Lionsgate) 09 Mar ... John Carter of Mars (wiki) (Walt Disney Pictures) 16 Mar ... Contraband (wiki) (Universal Pictures) 16 Mar ... Mirror Mirror aka Unnamed "Snow White" (wiki) (Relativity Media) with Julia Roberts plays Evil Queen, Lily Collins as Snow White, Armie Hammer as the Prince 30 Mar ... Croods, The (wiki) (Paramount) 30 Mar ... Wrath of the Titans (wiki) (Warner Bros.) April 2012 06 Apr ... Titanic in 3D (Wiki) (Paramount) IMAX, a 3D version of the James Cameron, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet movie May 2012 04 May ... Avengers, The (wiki) (Marvel Entertainment/Paramount) multicharacter superhero features Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Incredible Hulk 18 May ... Battleship (wiki) (Universal Pictures) based on the naval combat board game by Hasbro 18 May ... Madagascar 3 (wiki) (DreamWorks Animation SKG) 25 May ... Men in Black III (wiki) (Sony Pictures) 3D with Will Smith June 2012 01 Jun ... Rock of Ages (wiki) (New Line Cinema) with Tom Cruise, 21 Dec ... Snow White and the Huntsman (wiki) (Universal Pictures) 22 Jun ... Brave (wiki) (Marvel / Pixar Animation Studios / Walt Disney Pictures) 29 Jun ... G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation (wiki) (Paramount) July 2012 03 Jul ... The Amazing Spider-Man aka Spider-Man 4 (wiki) (Sony/Columbia Pictures/Marvel Studios) in 3D with Martin Sheen, Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield 12-15 Jul ... Comic Con in San Diego Convention Center 13 Jul ... Ice Age: Continental Drift (wiki) (20th Century Fox) 20 Jul ... The Dark Knight Rises aka Batman 3 (wiki) (Warner Bros.) also in IMAX directed by Christopher Nolan August 2012 03 Aug ... The Bourne Legacy (wiki) (Universal Pictures) September 2012 21 Sep ... Hotel Transylvania (wiki) (Sony Pictures Animation) October 2012 November 2012 02 Nov ... Wreck-It Ralph (wiki) (Walt Disney Pictures) 3D Animation 16 Nov ... The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 (wiki) (Summit Entertainment) 21 Nov ... The Rise of the Guardians (wiki) (DreamWorks Animation / Paramount) animated 3-D December 2012 14 Dec ... The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (wiki) (Warner Bros.) 14 Dec ... Life of Pi (wiki) (20th Century Fox) 21 Dec ... The Lone Ranger (wiki) (Walt Disney Pictures)


...Mine for 2012 is definitely The Hobbit...have been waiting with anticipation to see it....will be interestingly great I reckon....there are a few others like the dark knight rises...and bourne legacy but out of them all that's the one I can't wait for....


Rock of Ages - -01 Jun ... thats looks fun, i am looking forward for this one.


The Hobbit, Brave, GI Joe: Retaliation, TDKR. But mostly The Hobbit and Brave. I really loved the trailer for Brave.


....I just watched the trailer for brave after reading your post...looks great pixar movies are cool and the kids and I would say adults would definitely like it also..... heres the trailer I watched.....


Avengers', looks good but they don't have Wonder Woman in the movie :-(

Because Wonderwoman's a member of the Justice League


...I would have liked to see the new Wonder Women TV series and no not the Wonder Woman in the forums....lol but a series they were working on in the US but they shelved the show a couple of months ago due to some issues with production....I hope they show it on TV one day will be great to revive that....of course with a modern Twist I wonder if the original Wonder Women will play a supporting role in this new one perhaps?...

They might Tudalum
But love to see a movie of Wonder Women, then a TV series. As these days so many super hero's movies are coming out and very less of Super Women.

...I doubt it not in the near future anyway if this article has anything to go by it...but agree a movie would be great but would have to be someone totally awesome to play the part.....



Avengers Snow White - Interesting to see there's another version coming out this year as well (ie, Mirror mirror with Julia Roberts). Ice Age Continental Drift Dark Knight Rises - will be interesting to see Anne Hathaway as catwoman, although I still reckon Michelle Pieffer played thee best catwoman role. In need of a good new horror to watch this year


I'm looking forward to The Hobbit. I'm not sure about any of the others


Sherlock Holmes was sooo excellent and loved watching Robert Downey Jnr for 2hours.... drool


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