Discussing :: 'Two hours of my life i'll never get back' - your movie turkeys of 2013


'Two hours of my life i'll never get back' - your movie turkeys of 2013

Judging by the latest movie trailers there are some decidedly dodgy movies coming out over the coming weeks (witness the gruesome looking Identity Thief with Jason Bateman). What has been your movie turkey of 2013 so far? My vote goes for This is 40 and I Give It A Year - both robbed me of two hours of my life that I will never get back!


Omg - silver linings play book. Cringed through til walking away before the end. Not sure if it was supposed to be funny or a drama or what???

dammit! i was keen on seeing that movie


For me it had to be Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, was not my kind of movie. And movie 43 was not my cup of tea either! But I guess it really depends on ones personal taste.


To be honest...I didn't really enjoy 'Life of Pi'...I had heard so much great stuff about it...but the ending confused me and I guess the stuff I wanted to happen...didn't happen. It dragged too much I reckon....

The book is much better than the movie

thanks for that! i was planing on watching that but i wont bother now!!


have to disagree about Silver Linings Playbook, i won tickets to go and see this with a bunch of friends and we all loved it. Just my opinion :D


I always wanted to read The Time Travelers Wife but being a mum thought I'd get it done and dusted when the movie screened on tv recently. There was 2 hours of my life I wouldn't get back had I even given it 2 hours! I stopped watching after about 40 minutes - just couldn't get into it at all and was so disappointed! Bet the book is better...


I thought the Hobbit was the biggest disappointment of 2012 ...long and boring!


Im a horror movie girl and I stuck it out through this ghastly british one called Stitches, honestly I almost turned it off, except I couldn't tear my eyes from the cinematic atrocity they dared to put on Blu-Ray, we need a 'real girl' rating system here :)

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