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Which siblings are more closer to one another,one who fight mostly but help each other in times of need or the one who hardly talk and fight and also help one another in times of need??


I find that being the middle child im close with both my older brother and younger sister.... over the last couple of years after all moving away from home i dont talk to my brother very often.. but we totally have eachothers back in times of need... MY sister i talk with more often and because shes younger its more of a she comes to me for advise situation given our current ages....


Hmmm, family family family, Im the eldest of 3 girls, my younger sister is 15 months younger than me, and our other sister is 12 years younger than us, sadly none of us get on, our family is a mare! Then 3 years ago I found out I have 2 younger brothers, Ben is 10 years younger than me and from the second we met we had the strongest family bond Ive ever felt, the same expressions, mannerisms, sense of humour, everything, we call ourselves twins 10 years apart, it was the most amazing feeling in my life to meet him, and pretty much the first thing we both said to each other was "ew stop looking at me with my face!' We live in different towns but txt daily and catch up often :)

Are there any other girls out there with strained family dynamics?

How do you deal with them?

Bonita :)


My sister and i don't really talk that much on the phone. Mainly email, We see each other mostly at family birthdays or christmas, but we are very close. If she ever needs anything i help her out and vice verser. It is a shame that i had to move a couple of hours away as we used to have a lot more to do with each other when we lived in the same town. I do miss spending sisterly time together.


My sister is here for dinner tonight =)


I don't have anything to do with mine and good friends are more important to me! :) x


It never really occurred to me that siblings wouldn't be fairly close. Having gone through the same experiences as children I thought there would always been a bond just because of that. As a parent I'd be pretty crushed if my two girls didn't keep in touch as adults. I guess time will tell.


Sadly, we do not keep in touch. Different lives, different outlooks. I mourned the separate ways for a long time until I came to peace with it.


I keep in touch with my older brother , but have no time for my younger sister, she is a very difficult person to be around, always negative


Love them or hate them, my mother always told me that blood is thicker than water!!!! They will always be your family but that doesn't mean you have to socialise with them.

So very true...lo :)


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