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Save keeping photos

My friend and I were just discussing how long it was since we'd last printed out photos. Printing photos can be expensive, I don't think I've printed any in at least 5years. Now a days everything is on a laptop, hard drive and facebook. But what happens if the unthinkable happens and that laptop and hard drive is stolen, lost or corrupted?! What do you guys think is the best way to safe keep these photographic memories?

...backup all your photos onto a removable external hard drive thats what we have done with all our precious pics.....


Save onto CD's and store in a fireproof safe... ok?


Have been taking advantage of all the photobook deals on the online processing sites and getting my favourites done that way.


Yes, save them on an external hardrive, thats probably the best option! :). Its sad when people steal laptops etc...cause its never the money that the laptop cost that bothers us...its more the value thats on the laptop....pictures, videos, university work (or work work) etc etc. When the floods happened in the far north in 2007, my mum lost heaps of photos and video tapes etc :( Which sucked..but for Christmas 2008 or 09 i purchased this really pretty handmade photo album - made from recycled paper etc...and filled it with printed pictures (from those machines at the warehouse/harvey norman etc) from our childhood for my dad - he absolutely loved it :)


I make photobooks as my kids love getting them out and at least we have a bit of text that usually tells us who is in the picture and where it was taken so when we get Alzheimer's the kids can refresh our memories. I've got lots of old family photos but no-one can remember who is who and where the photos were taken except of course my wedding photos.


It is definitely much safer to making photobooks, then they are always there.


I love having printed photos. The price of getting them printed is going down and down, I think I got 100 photos printed for $10 the other week. I love making photo albums and having them hanging in frames around the house. I still love looking through my mum and nana's photo albums and hope that by doing this now, my children and grandchildren can experience the same thing.

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