Discussing :: Optical Illusions in the real world!


Optical Illusions in the real world!

By now you have probably sussed that I'm a visual person. I'm fascinated and delighted by optical illusions whether used by clever creatives to sell products, or just as amusements for lateral thinking artists! Do you enjoy these as well? Have you seen any you would like to share?


Here is an example of what I mean. This is a bus that goes to the zoo which has been painted in an extraordinarily clever way to look like a snake is squeezing it.

haha thats soo cool!!!! i love illusions... they are so amazing!!!

I like that one too. Keeps things interesting.

how cool is that....wheres the like button?


you'll like this website then: http://spectacular-illusions.blogspot.com/2010/10/lego-optical-illusions-and-real-life.html

lol kinda cute... all lego!!


You can't help smiling when you see stuff like this! I always admire those who plan ahead with photos to create these pictures. Here are a couple of trucks with interesting paint jobs

youd have to be really thirsty for that large drink hehe

I like those!


those are completely amazing! I assume you've seen the chalk street artist Julian Beever?

i havnt seen his work before... but thats a pretty damn amazing painting... and it fully does look 3d... its sad though that it would wash away in the rain!!

That's very cool!


have you seen the one of his with the waterfall? It's enormous! Yeah, sad about the rain.

nah i havnt seen any of his stuff... ill have to look it up!!


There have been a few telly programmes showing pavement artists. I think Louis Thoreaux did one. There is some absolutely staggering stuff and I have collectiion of images I've gathered over the years. Street art is fantastic. Here's another great example of someone's creativity in combining the real with an illusion.

Haha makes me wonder what the ad is for !!

This photo is so cool.: )


This one is just pure fun and I love it! [img]http://www.chelsey.co.nz/uploads/forum- Ooos, wrong link!


Hope this is right... no some sort of hiccup as it's done it again.


Last try


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