Discussing :: Naughty .....Kristen...:-((


Naughty .....Kristen...:-((

I can't believe that Kristen Stewart has supposedly been having an affair with her director from Snow white and the Huntsman... Rupert Sanders. Who is married with two children. Is she mental what about her gorgeous hunky boyfriend Robert Pattison.I guess you don't know what goes on in any relationship....But honestly Robert the man's a hunk...Pass him my way please...!!


Rupert Sanders - what a prick for doing it in the first place but being celebrities, he must have known if discovered it is going to cause such hurt and public embarrassment for his wife. I believe she has banned him from working with Kristen ever again.


Why all the fuss over Kristen cheating? It is just part of the Hollywood way of life - why did you expect Kristen and Robert to be any different?


Hollywood or not....No one should cheat on their partner..In this case it's caused a lot of hurt and distress on Rupert's family.Who I feel deeply sorry for...Especially when it is all so public.Even more the reason not to cheat in the first place.


Good advertising for them ;-).


Kristen Stewart Snow White or the Head Hunter? Luckily Breaking Dawn Part 2 has already been made otherwise there would have been a few sour faces on the screen :((


It's the age and power differences that concern me. She's only 22 and he's 41. She's an up and coming actor and he's a director. They have both been every stupid - I hope it was worth it!


Funniest thing I heard was Will Ferrell calling her a 'Trampire!'


....seems all is well now as things show they have moved in together again.......


No1 should cheat on there partner, that just hurts and causes embarrasment.


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