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Movies - taking it to the limit!

I don't know why, but my searches on the forums aren't working so I'm re-introducing the 3D and more movie topic. I was just wondering whether people were getting used to 3D movies now that there are more of them around (and how's that 3D TV going Anna?) I see that "Top Gunn" is now out in 3D - sounds like heaps of fun. Have you seen many movies in 2D then again in 3D? I think it really enhances the experience and so far I've I really enjoyed the extra dimension no matter what the movie. I've also been to a couple of films overseas in, I think it was called, 5D. You could feel the heat radiating when the bomb exploded; your ankles tingled as the spiders crawled up your legs(really creepy0: and you definitely felt the icy water spray your face. What do you think about all this? Obviously we don't actually need all these extras or can they make up for an abysmal storyline and/or acting?


I'm still old school and much prefer the 2D movies! It sometimes makes me feel a bit disorientated watching 3D movies with the glasses and all - however, I did see The Avengers movie fairly recently in 3D which i thoroughly enjoyed - or maybe it was the fact that it was an excellent movie? I would only ever consider 3D if it was an action full packed movie. Ooooh 5D sounds pretty exciting Wice, not sure if I could handle it though....especially if there was a snake scene and you could feel a snake slithering up your leg. UGHHHHH


I really don't think that 3D adds much to the majority of movies. Sure, there are some movies that it really makes them special, but most of the time it isn't worth the extra $$.


I still prefer 2D. Get abit distracted with 3D


Not going to lie, we bought a tv with 3D capabilities and after a few drinks thought we would try and find a 3D ummmmm X rated movie shall we say? It was so weird! We just about died laughing after 5 minutes and agreed that some movies are better left in 2D! Ive watched a few at the movies but I feel super awkward as I wear glasses for long distance and feel like a big bug eyed spider!


I went to a friends recently and they had a new TV but then had to pay a fortune for 4 pairs of 3D glasses to go with them. I gave them a try but given the enormous cost and how uncomfortable these heavy duty hi-tech glasses were, I don't think its worth it. I'll just save it for the cinema occasionally.


I watched Frozen on a 3D TV recently and it was awesome however a bit rough that you pay a fortune for the TV and only get 2 free pairs of glasses. At $80.00 each to buy more it is ridiculous.


2D for me. I'd rather filmmakers focus on the story, acting, making it real, than hyper-real.


I try and stick to 2D, i find looking through the 3D glasses for over an hour makes me dizzy, and i don't think most special effects are good enough yet to justify the extra cost. I can see though that there will come a time where 3D will be the norm.


I haven't really ever watched movies in 3D. Only once I think, many years ago. I am quite happy with 2D.


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