Discussing :: Movies is it better to buy or to rent whats your view


Rent most of the time, mostly buy them for others as presents.


What do you do with all the dvds if you buy them though? I don't have that many but I doubt I will ever watch them again. I often wonder if old people's homes would like them.

Isn't it a pity there isn't some sort of central online organisation where groups could list good items that would be really useful to them. People with anythng surplus, whether it is clothes, dvds or surplus plums could just look up the contacts, see who would like their goods and arrange delivery or pickup.


you mean like http://freecycle.org/ Wice?


I buy some, but usually sell them or pass them on. I rent from Fatso but keep suspending my account when I've watched all I can think of. And I fill in the gaps in my viewing with the cheap movies from VideoEzy. But I hate having to return them on time.


Welcome Fisher!
Good on you passing on movies when you've finished with them :)


A few movie collection is ok. i realized that watching a good movie over and over is a new experience...missed lines. appreciation for the set, scenes you didn't pay attention before, etc. if you have the money and space, why not.


I only buy TV box sets mainly but will buy the odd movie but prefer to stream or watch on iTunes or something


My partner and I rent on the rare occasion or if it is one of our all time favs we purchase it on DVD we use to have a huge collection of DVD's our collection was library material or categorised so we knew where everything was, but we decided to get rid of most of them and move towards a TV media storage player, so we could purchase digital movies just wish we had better access to download content rich movies from reputable provider or even access to hulu or netflix, but alas little ole NZ misses out, with most media being digital we hope that NZ jumps on the bandwagon soon


I'd rent more often as there are some good deals on at our local store but everytime I've had a rental one the DVD either jumps or stops and I worry they'll charge me for damaging them!


It's like buying a car you've got to test drive it before you buy it. So definitely rent first.


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