Discussing :: Movies is it better to buy or to rent whats your view


Movies is it better to buy or to rent whats your view

My partner is obsessesd with movies and at last count has over 900 dvds he has brought over the years and still buys four or five a month.
His argument is why rent when you can own and watch it over and over again for years to come. Whats your thoughts and do you have a personal movie collection.

Better to rent, though I must admit I have bought some of my all time favs.

Well in your partners case buying seems to be the better option as he is an addict. If you were going to just watch DVDs now and then, renting is better. Maybe he could start up his own shop the way he is going.


Holy moly! That's a lot. I tend to rent but have had problems with dvds being scratched.


I think that you can buy them so cheaply now I would rather buy them than rent. You can get such good deals at the warehouse and then you get the opportunity to watch them again at a later date or lend them to someone.


These days I feel like movies cost the same to buy - rental prices have just gone up so far


Yeah that is a lot!!! But yeah I think he's on to something! Hehe. With young kids (my step son is 3), he has particular movies that he likes to watch over and over again so as soon as they're on DVD, we go out and buy them. That way if it's a rainy day, he's not going to be completely bored and can take his own pick :)


We buy tons of kids DVDs. They are VERY scratched if we rent them (esp from the library) and if we don't like them we sell them. I don't usually spend over $15, generally only $10, so we only lose a few dollars when we sell them. But I do that because the kids watch them over and over. I don't watch movies more than once generally so it wouldn't make sense for me. I rent from Fatso.


What's Fatso like? I wanna give it a go but I'm the kinda person that if I wanna watch a movie, I'm not going to want to wait for it to show up in the post.

I think Fatso is pretty good. I started with a free month which of course was awesome, and I got a good deal for my Dad, $3 for two months, through one of those daily deal things. I love that you don't have to hurry to watch and return them. I don't have to go to the store. I can make a list of what I want to watch and they just arrive. I'm on the 10 movies a month plan and that seems about right for me. Wait til you see a free/cheap month deal and give it a try.


fatso it pretty expensive these days..... i love buying movies once i know i like them...l so i rent first!!


wow that's a lot of dvd's- I only buy them if I really love the movie! I think it's just easier to rent them- especially if you have those coupons


One of his friends has over wait for it 3000 dvds

Maybe him and his friend should start a shop together. Maybe something a bit different than your run of the mill movie hire shop. The deal is you have to watch it at the shop in a special booth. That way the DVDs don't get wrecked.

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