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Most of the time I think the original book is always better than the movie adaptation. But maybe there are some exceptions!
For example I thought My Sister's Keeper was a much more realistic movie than book, but The Help is much better as a book than a film!

What books do you think were better and which movies outshone them?


i so hate it when I have read the book and really enjoyed it as I am sitting waiting for a special bit to come up and it doesn't.I think in our minds we can create an even better story than a movie as they are limited by what they can include in it.


Yeah, I try to leave it for a year + after reading the book before watching the movie otherwise it wrecks it!


i love to see the movie first then read the book, i did that with all of the stieg larrson trilogy, and it was great,as anything that was unclear to me in the movie was usually explained through the book, it was also interesting to see how in places they had changed the movie from the original story

I'm the opposite. I feel like seeing the movie first spoils the experience of reading the book. So I like to read first then see the movie.


I usually prefer the book to the movie - the movie doesn't match how I've imagined things. Harry Potter was the exception though - I loved seeing the characters and especially Hogwarts!!


i think i like the book version of things better... but i think its because your free to make things up and imagine what your charactors are like... so often in the movies the charaters are not like you expect them to be and can ruin the book for you...


I'm not sure I've ever seen the movie first. I should try that sometime! Hmm, where to start?


I think most people prefer the book to the movie. As I am not really a book person I cant really comment :). I guess its cause we all picture a character and what the character looks like in our head, but then when it comes to the movie, it all changes. It doesn't leave much for the imagination I guess....

I found a quote on chelsey before, that I absolutely love!!!

'don't judge a book by its movie'

Although I am not a book reader, I still love this quote :)


After watching lots of movies based on books, I think that generally you have to view them as separate pieces of work. A movie very seldom can be true to a book as few books can be directly adapted into movies. Most have to be edited even if it is just because of time restraints. What might be important to the reader might not be as important to the screenwriter or producer and it's not really fair to expect the two mediums to exactly replicate each other.

Casting can make a difference too. Like Anna, I like to form my own characters from reading the book but if I see someone playing a role in a film, it's quite hard to get that particular 'character model' out of your head if you read the book second.

Overall,though, I I don't mind seeing the movie or reading the book first. I do enjoy seeing the differences unless the adaptation is so loose in the movie that the whole feel of the book is gone.

One thing that really irks me is the addition of a romantic element in a movie when none existed in the source book. I understand how this might make a film more appealing but it drives me crazy and it seems to happen all the time. What is a trivial incident in a novel, is blown into a central theme.


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