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More than real: Where are the movies taking you with special effects?

I haven't been to many 3D movies but the effects just seem to be getting better and better so that at my last experience, "The Avengers", I finally felt absolutely comfortable watching. In the past, I had trouble with the glasses and remember things doubling up in "Alice in Wonderland" and even in "Avatar" and "Puss in Boots". This time things really did jump out at me and I was whizzing through the air. I was part of the action. People looked real. Backgrounds were blurred like in real life. It was absolutely fantastic… and the glasses are so much less obtrusive and geeky now! Now I think that given the option, I would always choose 3D over 2D even if it does cost more – within limits though. How much more are you prepared to pay for 3D? What about 4D? I haven't been to one of these yet though I imagine they are like the rides at Disneyland where you get buckled in – heaps of fun though I remember warnings for pregnant people or those with heart conditions. I have tried out 4D the seats in a theatre foyer however. These supposedly move with the action but I found the demo seats quite violet, not in sync and I wanted to get out quite soon; in fact, I leapt out before the demo was over. There were no restraining belts. What’s more, I believe 4D movies sometime go even further. I was reading about a 4D theatre in Singapore where you get sprayed with a fine mist of water during a 'wet' scene! I also read an article somewhere about smells being pumped into the theatre. Where will it end I wonder! How do you feel about all these extras? Are they necessary? Are they worthwhile? What are they doing to our expectations? Could we lose something from them? Is it like when you read a book where your imagination plays such an amazing role and then see a movie of the story and there it all is, just plonked in front of you, characters and places visually defined? Is movie reality becoming more real than reality? What do you think?


I must say I am not a big fan of 3D. I have gone quite a few times...seen some great films and I think it wrecks the overall experience! I don't like it how other parts go blurry and it just seems unrealistic..but maybe I need to go see Avengers in 3D. Looks like a fantastic movie! But if it were me, I'd probably rather see a movie in 2D. As with the 3D TV phase...I literally don't see the point in it? Sounds crazy, considering I'm born in the 90's...everyone my age seems to think this sort of stuff is amazing!! I even have a friend that purchased a 3D tv.....Mind you, I am always the one thats behind in the technology side of thing...in 5years time I'll probably get an ipad when something "a trillion" times better has come out!! I prefer PS1 games to any other consoles...I guess I just like the simple things in life :)


I love the Lorax in 3D we sat in the middle of the cinema and I felt part of the film.I haven't been to a 4D Movie.But heard you get scratch cards so you can experience smells from the Movie.


Was talking to some friends who had been to see The Avengers in Extreme 3D (that's where the seats move). They said they were a little disappointed as the movement was not well linked to the action and seemed somewhat random. Such a pity as at the price (I think they said it was $29 a seat), it has put me off trying this out with other movies unless I hear to the contrary.


I'm the same - usually I find the 3D jolting and I have trouble focusing and feel like I am missing out on the action. I didn't notice this with the Avengers but have just gotten some new glasses so thought it was that I could see better. Glad it's the technology and let's hope it keeps on improving.


I think 3d is over rated. I tend to pick going to 3d only if i think it is going to add to the experience but mostly 2d is fine. saw avengers in 2d and didnt take anything away from it.


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