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Money saving ideas for kids!!

I came across a paint mix for kids and tried it out this morning.. My daughter loves it!! So wondered what else there is out there?? Paint mix 1cup flour, 1 cup salt, says one cup of water but I added more as was really thick, then food colouring :)


Homemade bubbles: 1ml detergent liquid in 1 cup of water. Got a wire and made it into a oval shape with little bit to hold at the end and dunk it in the cup and then blow bubbles. My cousin just loves it, good trick to stop kids from crying.


Home Made Finger Paint 3 Tbsp Sugar 1/2 C Cornstarch 2 C Cold Water Food Colouring Mix sugar and cornstarch together in a saucepan. Add cold water and combine with a whisk. Cook on a medium heat till the mixture thickens to a thin pudding consistency. I recommend stopping the cooking process a little before it's the consistency you'd like as it thickens upon standing. Cool then separate into bowls and colour as desired. Don't forget to share with the kids! Chalk Spray 1Tsp washable tempera paint 1/2 C Hot water 1/2 C Cornstarch Squirt of Dishwashing liquid 1 Squirt bottle Add cornstarch to hot water, whisking to mix so that there are no lumps. Add tempera paint and dishwashing liquid, mix well. Pour into squirt bottle, shake well. Have fun! Moon Sand 4 C Sand 2 C Cornstarch 1 C Water Mix together and enjoy!


Council pools for under 16 years is now free in Auckland. Long last. Take them swimming these holidays.


Te Papa museum - so much to do - heaps of hands on investigation stations as well as loads of exhibitions to explore


The only true way you can save money with kids is not have them, but where's the fun in that. Myself l wouldn't change anything. The name of the game is to give your kids a better start in life that yours, or the same as everyone else. Expensive yes but cutting corners may not be a good idea in health and education. Entertainment in the holidays can be a challenge we all know, but there are plenty of outdoor activities to do this break. Kids need fresh air and a bit of sunshine, grab some lunch and take then on a small hike.


i thought this was quite a good idea (i guess it depends on the kids ages though) but giving them say a prezzie card (like a credit card - but pre paid) with a certain amount of money on it, and that is for all of their holiday spending, then teach them how to spend it wisely. Its great coz it stops them coming to you every day for more money, and teaches them about money :) which so many children just dont get the concept of these days!


If you get the kids into some home baking, such as making biscuits and cake... it may work out cheaper than buying many unnecessary treats that they always demand when you take them to the supermarket. Would be a lot healthier too in some cases. It's a fun activity that you can be involved in too with a tasty reward at the end!


make your own wrapping paper and cards by painting some plain paper and buying cheap packs of bits and pieces to decorate cards.


Great ideas everyone! definetely going to be trying these!!

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