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We have produced a lot, and they travelled overseas. Makes one envy them.
The NZ Talent show proves there are still wonders to be found.... do you agree?

I went to the recent Head Like a Hole concert. It was awesome! I think New Zealand has great artists. And the great thing about a small country is that it helps create artists who are great live as well as in the studio.


Very impressed with the lineup for the final of NZGT. Such a variety of acts. I love Silhouette, they are just magic together. Ethan Scharneck makes a very cute and clever Michael Jackson. Gotta love that brave little Oceana Olsen with the huge voice. The Black Trio are very entertaining. The boys from Identity Dance Crew showed us the moves. So hard to choose a favourite. Makes me glad to be a Kiwi!


Lorde is one that's killing it out there at the moment, very proud of all our kiwi musicians and artists (-:


I think we have a lot of talented young (and not so young) artists in NZ. Lorde is doing so well and I think she has a lot to say for someone so young - she's not afraid to speak her mind and I hope that continues despite her success.


I think Lorde is amazing esp for a 16 year old,I also love Shapeshifter and Stan walker..But to name a few.For a small populated country we do have a lot to be proud of in our Musical talent....Looking forward to a few Summer concerts where I can go along to watch some of them...:-)


I do like Lorde but her songs do all sound a little the same. the kiwi artists I do love are-
The black seeds
fly my pretties
fat freddies drop
breaks co-op


Its great that the international community are finally recognise more kiwi acts, as their is so much talent here yet most are never fully recognised for those talents and thankfully to artists like Lorde and Ginny Blackmore perhaps the US will start looking our way, so much talent needs to be on centre stage


Lorde, Ladi 6, Ginny Blackmore, Aaradhna, Annah Mac, Kimbra the list of talented N.Z. musicians just goes on and on and on........


I think NZ has produced some absolute Gems. I was recently in the states where Lorde is quite big, people were so amazed to find she was from the same country as me :)


I don't buy anything else, absolutely love kiwi


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