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Kim Kardashians...... BOOTY!!

I know how difficult it is to look good when pregnant...but honestly what has happened to Kim Kardashians 'booty'is there a baby in there?Scary or what


The Booty


Her booty is amazing! Must be hard to find jeans to fit (before she was pregnant). Keep hearing on the radio that she's putting on heaps of baby weight intentionally to get weight loss endorsements from Jenny Craig/Weight Watchers etc. Madness but I wouldn't put it passed her!


Why are people being so nasty about Kim and her weight. Crazy. As for her booty, genetics is the easy answer. I should know lol. I used to hate it, but now embrace the extra I have been blessed with!!


Major turn off... too much cellulite is a bad look. What's with that new trend of butt implants anyway? Utterly ridiculous... Don't women usually ask 'Does my butt look big in this?' Well now us men can quite freely say 'Yes dear, it's getting bigger every day.'


When i was in south east asia i saw undies with padding in them evereywhere, think of them like a push up bra for your butt lol.


Shes quite lucky to have a butt like that i know men love it.Its no fun having a flat butt or should i say small compared to hers.I think she got it from her dads side brazilian her something.


She needs to be given a break. That pic today of her in a bikini is good, shows she is just another preggy bump!!


God we women are our own harshest critics.. Kim K is apparently too preggy-fat, Catherine Middleton is supposedly too skinny. Cripes, let them enjoy their pregnancy without the nitpicking I reckon!


i love her booty and I'm not to judge anyone but some pictures never do anyone some justice but really Kim is hot - all of her.

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