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Katy Perry...........Straight and Blonde!!!

I don't know if anyone has seen Katy Parry's new Straight blonde look.But wow I think it looks amazing on her.I wouldn't have even recognized her.

Even though Katy does suit the blonde, I still prefer her dark


Totally agree - she looks great. New hair style and colour makes you fee like a new you as well as looking different! I know cause I've just done it and feel amazing!!


Yeah a fantastic transformation.


Wow! This girl is the original 'wig'. I've never seen so many different styles and colours on any one person! I started looking and I couldn't stop so here are some of the pics I found!


Hey thanks for posting pics I did try but for some reason wouldn't post.Have you ever had problems with posting pic'?any ideas?


I always convert files to jpgs. I make sure that my pics are about (no more than) 20 cms wide at 72 dip which makes a file size, depending on compression, no more than 150KB.


Feel sorry for Divorce Katy Perry.


Katy Perry's divorce was inevitable, better now than latter, as she may find some one to appreciate her more

...totally agree at least they part ways yet still remain friends...and good on them to go there separate ways still being friends because other relationships don't end any better......but in saying that they still have to split up their assets so watch this space I reckon


She could do so much better than Russell Brand!

...I always thought Russell Brand was a fantastic comedian until I watched Arthur....I thought it was the worst film I had ever seen and his acting was appalling...So kinda agree with you on that one.

I agree Arthur was not Russel's best movie, but still like him as an actor.
Feel sorry for Katy, but l quess the business they are both in puts alot of strain on a relationship whe you don't spend much time together.

.....Yes I guess when you are so far apart it will always put a strain on any relationship...

I think Russell Brand is amazing! Haha..I would totally date him (setting aside that hes a celeb)


And I agree, her current style is pretty. It would be nice with waves too.

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