Discussing :: Is Halloween becoming more popular in NZ or not?


Is Halloween becoming more popular in NZ or not?

The sweet companies must be having a ball at this time of year. But I know one suburb last year that didn't as a lot of the suburb was egged because the homeowners didn't give out lollies. Does Halloween just make for demanding kids? It goes against all my stranger danger talks yet I still let my kids go with others. I feel irresponsible so suggested a party at home with lots of lollies for this year but was told by my children that that wouldn't be fun even though it was a dress up party! Not quite sure what it is that attracts the kids.


The retailers certainly haven't missed a trick there, anything for a sale. I don't agree with unsupervised young childern going door to door begging for lollies though, parents need to take responsibility there.


my kids have always gone trick or treating and I see no harm it it - obviously with safety measures in place and only locally around our street etc. I think Halloween parties are becoming increasingly popular - what is the harm - it's just fun! Everything these days is banned - where has the fun gone!!! we all did these things as kids and more - what next!


The kids love it! I say let them have some fun and sugar. It's one day. Just make sure they are safe.


Our area we have people that have signs up no trick or treaters and one place last year said the police would be called . what I find over the top its kids loving dressing up n showing of there costumes . I have no problem with it at all I have dissied for my kids and there friends to have a little get together at home n Casper move .


I think it is but it depends on where you live. I look at Halloween as fun for the kids because they'll grow out of it. Its one of those happy things you can do as a kid. No adult does trick or treat! At the end of the kids' round, they count, share and exchange their lollies. Its a good everyday treat for like a month and then its back to buying our own lollies.


I think that companies and shops are using Halloween as another excuse to create sales and earn more profits. I haven't found that more children are coming to my front door, though I do enjoy all the cheap Lollies this time of year!


my kids are gong trick or treating this year- with an adult walking them around as they are young (not me- thankfully). . they think its great fun & something they have been looking forward to all week. I haven't noticed it getting bigger since I was a kid- just about the same really.


I think the spirit of halloween is dying down in nz,mainly the giving part. The kids are still out in droves,but the people behind the doors dont tend to be. I remember growing up where people would open their doors with a smile on their face,and a fistfull of goodies. Nowadays,there is not alot of that anymore. Such a shame


I would not really, mind you the weather does have a lot to do with how many kids & parents are out and about


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