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I want to buy a smartphone - HELP!

Okay so I've decided...once I've saved some money I want to buy a smartphone...just wondering...samsung galaxy or an iphone? What plans are you all on? Any recommendations...and also what are the major differences betweeen the older and more new models of an iphone. Thanks for your help everyone! I'm 21 and I've owned a 'brick' my whole life ;)


I am not surprised you are confused; there are so many options, which are constantly changing, and which one suits you personally, will depend on your specific needs. I really think your best bet is to put some time aside and talk to at least a couple of consultants (Vodaphone, Telecom, etc.) who can give you advice and options on their particular plans. They will also be able to tell you of any current 'specials' available.


Those are both great options... i myself have the Galaxy, and know many people with the iphone. The reason these 2 are good phones is that they are on the two platforms (apply and android) that means you can have most of the good available apps (which is why you have a smart phone over a brick!). Between them both, its kind of personal preference.... i like the Galaxy better, but also chose it because it was free on a 24 month contract at the time - so see whats out there in ways of deals.


thanks anna and wice do you know any major differences between say a samsung galaxy s2 and s4. my dad just told me he has an s2 he can give me! saves me from being locked into some plan for 24months...which is probably not ideal...even if it means a free phone ;)...which i was definitely thinking about doing. eeeeeek


I got a smartphone via Slingshot, only had it for a short while before some SOB stole it, I would like to get another one, but with the rising cost of them & the forever changing of styles I think I will just stay with the one I have already got - a Nokia


I recommend any Samsung Galaxy model as they are very easy to use and the OS is very responsive and simple

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