Discussing :: Horror Movies. Is it a phase all kids go through?


Horror Movies. Is it a phase all kids go through?

My almost 14 yr old daughter has just started watching horror movies and loves them. I'm a bit worried because some of them a very dark let alone too scary for me to watch although i must admit without the scary music some of them are just plain silly. But I wonder if this is just a phase and whether all kids go through this or should I be worried about it. I was never allowed to watch horror movies as a kid so not sure. I have tried to watch some of them with her but it really isn't me-I'm chickflick material. Give me a good romance any day. Any ideas or opinions.


My 15 year old loves horror movies too, she has done for the past few years. I used to be the same at her age, I think I watched every horror movie ever released so my daughter now asks which ones are good to watch. We watch The Walking Dead together it's our quality time haha. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you, I think it's a teenage thing (they like being scared).


I think it is a phase. Most grow out of them and never watch as an adult. Even if kids hate it they have to watch it, must be needing to release that adrenalin rush. I use to hate to love watching the movies but felt I had to just because, now I just don't and don't feel I need to.


Lets hopes its a phase!! I had my partners sister here on holiday an she was loving horror movies!


Not our kids. My 8 year old hates scary movies and Im hoping he won't grow to like them. Our 6 year old doesn't mind being scared so maybe in a few years ( 12 + years) time he will be into the super scary movies....I loved them from about 16 but now at 33 they scare the bejesus out of me.......ask me this question again in 10 years time.


I think every child is into different things. Some children are disensitised from playing to many violent video games and also the violence that you see on tv. I still love horror movies and I am 21! I know some kids who are really disturbed by these kinds of things so they avoid watching them. A friend I have who is the same age as me hates scary movies, so I believe it's not just a phase that kids go through it comes with their personality and what they feel they can handle.


I am definitely not a horror movie fan. Never have and never will be. Was always too scared of the dark. So it was not a phase I went through.


Im in the video business and believe me the movies are rated for a reason and you should not be letting your children view restricted vid's. We are constantly telling children no and sometimes the parents go us for 'not' hiring to them. Go figure.


I am 21 and I love horror movies! I do watch comedy, thriller and action movies but there is something about horror! They are great to watch with a big group of friends and always really exciting. However I don't think anyone younger than 16 should be watching them, some are a bit too gruesome!


Pretty sure it's a phase that most kids go through. Can remember going through it myself, not wanting to look but just having to, through my fingers and then having nightmares about it!

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