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Home Alone - private pleasures

You are home alone. It's the middle of the day. You have no transport. You have nothing urgent to get done. No one should disturb you for at least 3-4 hours. So what is your favourite thing(s) you do you do when it’s just you?


Sleeeeeeeeep! I am always tired and don't sleep we'll at night so the thought of being able to have a nap or two sounds like bliss!


One of my favourite things is to cook!


If only... it would be a dream come true to have more than 15min alone!!! I'd definitely get some reading in, preferably while soaking in a bubble bath and blasting my favourite tunes. Add some chocolate in there and I think I'd have a perfect afternoon.


i'd go for a walk and maybe walk to a dairy for an ice-cream.


Watch a movie or a current Tv series I am following. I also enjoy walks (but rather doing this with someone). Or maybe go out and get a bit of sun - depending on the weather! I also enjoy baking/cooking in my spare time while blasting some music - loudly :p


I am off work for 3 months due to illness and when I wrote my first comment above I thought sleep would be the answer to my prayers. Done that. Now I have day after day of home alone time and its sooooooooo freakin boring! My poor partner gets jumped on when he gets home because I desperately need someone to talk to!!!

I would imagine how boring 3 months at home could be! Im between jobs at the moment...I have 5 days off and im already going crazy!!! haha

Absolutely! Have watched movies, done houseworky things, even look forward to days when there is ironing to do. How sad is that???!!!


I love getting outside - in the garden or out for a walk or run but staying in on a rainy day and watching a good (or bad!) movie is good too!


Home ALone... just what I need... to be on my own, away from the stress of work... and maybe do some more sleep and relaxation, catch-up with my gardening and readings, and just have some time in the couch for teevee... is it not all of us, just want this???


movies, reading, and pampering myself!! esp with a nice gold glass of wine :)

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