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Have you ever been on TV?

I was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune & won afew thousand which was a real buzz, I could've also won a set of whiteware in the final round but I couldn't guess the word - HINDSIGHT - it was classified as a thing & I only had the letter H to go by.

It's funny when you see yourself on TV & feel famous... for half an hour.

If you could be a contestant on a show with prize money what would you choose? I'd love to be a contestant on Survivor or Who wants to be a millionaire.

...aww congrats julz on wheel of fortune....that would be cool to do I am just like you would love to be on Survivor or who wants to be a millionaire....wouldn't mind giving x factor or American idol ago to if it wasn't restricted to just US residents....

I've always wanted to try idol too but I'm worried I might end up being one of those contedtants that say "but my family & friends say I'm a good singer", dammit.

I'd LOVE to do the Amazing Race. I have a few people who would be great partners. Totally my thing!!

...hehe that would be cool to but gosh have seen the way couples get on with each other after a while....they start of in good terms but wow sometimes it can all blow up in their faces...but it is exciting TV.....I wish NZ had more money into putting reality TV programs on would be good to have another NZ game show or even a NZ Amazing Race or NZ biggest Loser, we definitely would benefit from a show like that considering our growing rate of obesity in this country.....


Well done on your win julz! It must have been very exciting for you and your family! I love seeing people I know on TV but I like to keep out of the limelight myself so even given the opportunity, I would probably decline - although I was tempted to be audition to be a Hobbit extra last year!

I soooo wanted to audition for it just for laughs but there was a height restriction & I was too tall!


My son and I were feeding ducks at a marina when a TV3 crew came up and asked to film us for a minute slot during the news- that night there we were- our 15 seconds of fame....now lost forever...it was kept on VCR for a while but is just a memory now.


I was on TV once, when it was advertising a school I went to. I was playing my violin for about 10 seconds! The thing that sucked was that when my mum recorded it, it didn't work. So never got to see it! :D. Another time was when me and my mum were buying heaps of silver ferns tickets to a big match against Australia....for our whole team etc.....the camera had it on us and it was on the news that night for like 2 seconds......It was only my arm though (so not quite me :p), I wanted to keep out of it :p. My mum could be seen though!

I've had random face shots in the news afew times, some fam & friends have even said afew times that they spotted me for only 1-2 seconds ... & I still get my famous thrills over it lol


My 15 seconds of fame:
* As a child on Telathon handing over money
* Part of a school team on 'Top Half'
* Part of a community schools Cultural day
* Interviewed on Good Morning with my son re Health Camps
* TV3 weather article - filmed us driving/playing in large puddles in our 4WD in lMt Wellington
* Part of documentary - was in the crowd

And somehow I've never been 'discovered' sob :'(

That was my first time on TV too, going to Telethon with our Brownie group to hand over money. I was talking to the girl next to me and was saying "there's us two!" while pointing to the monitor with two fingers... afterwards everyone who saw me asked me who I was doing the fingers too... whoops.


ive been in it in the croud for a music thing... got a couple of close ups... haha nothing major but so fun just to see yoursellf there haha


I'm too embarrassed to list what I've done on TV, haha, too many things :)

And it's not Porn!! Geez!! :)


I'd like to be on the box as the winner of Lotto with dolphins flipping around the sky and fireworks exploding!

...I've always wondered if I won Lotto the big one...if I would let everyone know I won or just keep it to myself....and my immediate family....I have heard stories of people winning the big one and telling everyone they had and then people usually family including extended family wanting them to help them out financially.....do you have to spin the wheel if you win that one? or can you get someone else to do it for you....lol just curious to know....


NZ Idol as part of one of those big group shots before they let everyone in for the audition.

A couple of times in the news (plus once in the ODT) because of Armageddon and NZAE. One year, a reporter made a cat-related pun ending to go with a clip of me cosplaying as a werecat character.


I was on Wheel of Fortune too Julz, won just over 2K, some Noel Leeming vouchers but missed out on the car which I spun up - my clue was 'an even' and the phrase was 'pack your bags' which I personally wouldnt call 'an event' oh well it was great fun............have seen myself in shot at quite a few Warriors games but the most embarassing by far was being on one of those reality fly on the wall things (think it was Rescue 11 but cant quite be sure of the programme name) had had a really bad bout of flu and fainted in the kitchen - partner to this day says I stopped breathing - so had the ambo guys and cameras invade the house - I was in my worst ever jammies, sweating and pale and makeupless and lookin HORRID!!!! Oh well at least all the workmates that saw it could definately tell I was sick...........

OMG poor you!! I'd probably be shouting "No cameras!!!" while still only half-awake, too bad about not winning the car - was it the Mazda from the earlier rounds? I never knew they shot 5 episodes all in one day, it was funny having to change outfits & my hairdo to make it look like a completely new day ay.


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