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I hate hangovers! anyone got some good tips for recover.

Drink a heap of water before going to bed and every time you wake during the night or when you wake in the morning. Or you could just remain drunk!!


Perhaps prevention is better than cure - alternate alcoholic drinks with non alcoholic ones works well. I particularly like getting a really delicious non alcoholic cocktail made for me, much more interesting than just a juice - fresh mint, limes, maybe some passion fruit, or bitters, or ginger beer - Ive been really impressed by the skill of the bar folk here in new zealand, and their inventiveness! Also, the vitamin C and hydration that those drinks give you will also help combat a headache by the alcoholic drinks you do partake of!


glass or water before bed.. and if you wake up in the night glass of water... because handovers are all because your dehydrated!! but if that fails... even though the caffine dehydrates you even more coke and panadol always makes me feel better.... And lots of people love powerade!!


I tend to drink water before bed too. I don't think I've ever felt sick or unwell in the morning, the same can't be said for during the night though and once I did wake up still feeling drunk, that wasn't pleasant. Never had a headache or anything though...must be just me!

lol the still drunkness is the worst!!!


Oh man lastnight was so funny & tragic for me at the same time. I went to my brother's 28th bday party & didn't know that it was themed - crossdressers, so the guys came dressed as girls & vice versa. I rocked up to the party looking my usual glamourous self but I kept getting hit on by all these gay dudes that thought I was a dude too! One of them actually thought I was kidding when I told him I wasn't dressed in costume & was searching for my adams apple, bastard guy lol oh such a fail... I woke up this morning with a major hangover & was told that I won a dance battle against an ex shortland st actor & was cleaning my brothers kitchen floor with a glass of wine in my hand at 1am, good times.

lol!!!!! that sounds like an interesting night!!! i love how therse always someone who gets the wrong idea when it comes to dress up parties!!


like Anna said drink water through the night and all the next day till you flush it all out of your system, because you get really dehydrated...and when you can muster it have a big greasy meal for real it works wonders....but just remember you will have to double up on the exercise to work it all off.....that is why when I hit the beers and I know it is going to be a long night...I make sure these events are rare ones....lol


Thanks guys, I am slowly recovering. I don't drink very often as I hate the hangovers and the wasted day. What is worst I had been working really hard at the gym and on my diet and lost 1 kg, which I gained back in one night of drinking and the next of binge hangover eating on chips and dips. yuck. Needless to say I won't be doing that again in a hurry, well until next Tues when I have to go out lol, but after than I promise no more!

omg thats the worst!!! ive narrowed down what drinks are the worst for weight gain for me... that helps a little... but you still end up eating crap during the night and when you hungover!! it sucks!!!

I've read a number of articles back when I was in Uni of what best to drink if you are going to have a few and interestingly found that Vodka and or Gin would be better, apparently any booze that you can see clearly through are better for you because you don't get that heavy feeling that you would get from other darker coloured booze...because of what are in them....and you get less dehydrated...and I did try that and those clear types of drinks did work for me then.....fortunately I don't indulge as much as I did in Uni now.....

didnt work for me... vodka and beer are the worst - i think because they have high yeast... and carbs for me are the worst!!


Oh the good old days...lol! of what I can remember....sorry matey but it's the old tried and true plenty of water advice but a friend of mine uses a ton of ice in her drinks and that'seems to work for two reasons (1) getting your water intake as well and it doesnt take away the enjoyment or taste of the drink (2) you go through it a lot less quicker unless of course you're drinking like a fish then a bucket (more suitable than your best friend's shoes!), wet flannel and my personal favourite for the next day, (unless you're allergic or don't like ) raw seafood of mussells, oysters and fish...works every time for me!


Oh and just in case we get really guilty about all the stuff we're putting our livers through check out this link for Dr Sandra Cobots Liver Cleansing advice....I was introduced to her teachings a number of years ago and she's the real deal alright... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtO9yY7CeVQ&feature=player_detailpage

hahaha i sooo need one of those liver clenses... the rugby is reaking havic on my systems =P

@Anna the problem for me is not the booze, cause I only dabble in it now...it's the food omg....we usually have what our group of friends have called lately sports dinner, especially for the All Black games, we each host a match at our homes and we organise who is going to bring what...we have snacks before the games and usually during and then at half time have a meal...then snacks again if you want and then at the end have dessert or something else like a cheese platter to discuss the result and did on mention the beers.....I have resisted for most of the part...its just that the food has been so good....

yup i sooooo know exactually what your saying!!!!!!!!!!!!


Panadol Extra, you are fine.

lol is it that simple for you =P lol my body goes mental all day!!

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