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Fight the Winter Chills?

I know it's almost over, (i wish!) but what are some of your tried and true cold fighting remedies!? Nothin' like the ol' "beer blanket" to help keep the cold at bay :P

Now that winter is coming upon us again I think one of the best ways of fighting illness other than the usual remedies is by being positive. Taking time to smile at someone, thinking positive thoughts about others and yourself, finding something funny to laugh at e.g. a comedy programme or a funny DVD. Anything that lifts your spirits as they say is often the best preventative medicine at keeping those bugs away.


echinacea - works everytime! take it when you start to feel a cold coming on and it might head it off or at least makes it go away faster. Just make sure it's echinacea root (purpurea). It tastes nasty so have it with coke or ribena. wouldn't get thru winter without it.


Thermal Clothing against the skin plus Vitamin-C / Echinacea tablets. Don't a regular exercise that makes the blood pump fast and makes you sweat (increasing circulation helps keep you warm).


I would agree with oneeyed pop in vitamin c,echinacea,suck a lemon,pop on a thermal and walk for 20 min you will warm up and feel a lot better.


I find you cant go pass a hot water bottle for warming up good on the budget.Wearing long johns hat and socks helps keep you warm.Homemade lemon and honey drinks instead of coffee.


Hot water bottles are the best! if you're feeling crafty, sewing a wheatbag is always fun & helpful to keep warm. Personally I just like to stay in bed haha. but that's not always a possibility! There are some good sales on at the warehouse for panel heaters at the moment (under $100!) & they're super energy efficient as well!


Thanks for a the reminder, must get the hot water bottles out for the kids!!! My girls been waking and coming in for a snuggle!!! She's probably cold!


Only seem to notice the cold in the winter if l sit for any length of time, keeping busy & moving about wards off the chill.


If you are feeling cold, try mind over matter. First relax your shoulders (this really helps as you tend to tense them up when there's a chill about). Then shut your eyes for a few seconds and imagine yourself lying in the sun and with glorious warmth sinking into your skin... and if you can't be bothered, put some more clothes, have a hot drink, and do twenty pushups :-)


i just love my blanket in winter!!

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