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Monopoly, Chess, and Snakes and Ladders are my favourites. Chess is pretty much the main board game in my house, mostly to teach strategy to my little brothers though I do end up playing (and losing in spectacular fashion) against my dad when my little brothers decide to do something else and he takes over.

I forgot about Chess, it's been a while since I've played mainly because I havn't had any contenders but I'm going to buy one to teach my kids how to play.

...am hoping to learn chess after I try and finish learning to play the Ukulele....thanks to You Tube it is a great resource for learning tutorials....


Backgammon though it's years since I've played it! I always enjoy Monopoly and Anti-Monopoly too - simply because all the family can play and it doesn't matter too much about strategy so kids can have a chance too (depending on how you make the rules)

...gosh I forgot about back gammon....I use to love playing that it was such a cool game....my parents bought me a carved set it was really cool.....and I use to play all my brothers and sisters all the time....we'd be trying to beat each other all the time...another one that made us really competitive besides the ones I have mentioned previously was dominoes...gosh we were a competitive lot....and still are


I'd like to learn to play mahjong - I always read about people playing it in books. Does anyone know this game or play it? I'd be really interested in finding out more. Perhaps someone knows of a website where you can learn the basics and practice or play?

...this guy definitely loves his board games and has a pretty long tutorial on how to play Mahjong....hope this helps


Cool. Thank you! Wow, I knew it was a complicated game but I just saw the video is 22.59 minutes long. Better leave this one to tomorrow to take a squizzy!

...yeah apparently he explains the Chinese method of playing the game and then the American one as well....but I got put of a bit by the time as well...but others looked like they weren't long enough to get the total jest of the game.....


Trivial Pursuit is always a favourite - I think because I'm the type of person who knows lots random stuff & it makes me feel smart when I play :-P

...lol that is why I like to play it apparently I know a lot of random and useless information which seems to be pretty relevant when playing trivial pursuit....


Backgammon- a rather addictive game once the strategies are learned and a game doesn't take too long.


Monopoly & Settlers of Catan are hits in this house.

What is 'Settlers of Catan' Rosie, I've never heard of it.

...yep never heard of it either...sounds cool and interesting though....

It's probably a strategy game - It's won loads of prizes overseas.
You have to build settlements, cities & roads . Um, how else do I describe it?
You can play it online here (they call it Xplorers) with loads more maps than the original:



Love cranium games they have something for the whole family, though I must say my favourite are the parts where you have to act like Charades. Also another good one is Imagine If... it's lot's of fun heaps of laughs


I'm hopeless with strategy games - my man refuses to play me in chess as I'm such an easy beat. But my head is also full of trivial information, which amazes me as I often can't remember peoples names. I love charades too. I have forced unwilling visitors to play and we always end up in hysterics.

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