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Favourite Board Games - What's Yours?

My fam & friends often have fun nights with board games & playing cards & my absolute fave would have to be Pictionary which brings out the stick figure artist in me. Afew weeks ago my mates & I played the latest edition of Trivial Pursuit & it took us ages to finish because we hardly knew any of the answers, sadly I think we'd be better at playing the children's edition! As a kid I enjoyed playing Game of Life & got my thrills when I had to stop to get married & had babies, good times. Board games are so expensive though ay.


Definitely Scrabble! Haven't played it in ages ....

Excellent game! I used to play on facebook until they kept screwing it up. Hard to find people to play it with though, and if you beat them... hard to find someone who will play it with you AGAIN.


Cranium - it is so much fun, combining heaps of stuff/games i like anagrams, trival pursuit, pictionary. Fantastic to play with friends ! love it!

Another one of my favorites. Hard to find enough people to play this one often. There seem to be less boardgame people in my life that I'd like.


Mancala http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mancala


Pictionary is tops in our household. I find it so funny how people can get so competitive in a board game. We've had friends pack the meanest tantrum with each other cos they couldn't guess the word.


So true! I've had that experience with mates too & I'm also quite the sore loser if the other team's winning


im totally a sore loser... lucky i always win =P haha my old school fav has to be monopoly!!

I haaaaaaate Monopoly. My daughter likes it though so sometimes I have to play. We have the electronic version now which is marginally better. AND we have Monopoly Cards which is actually WAAAAAY more fun. Totally recommend that one! About $10 from the Warehouse.


So cool that there are so many people on Chelsey who like boardgames! I like Rapidough which is like the sculpting part of Cranium, hard to find though.

we have them at our cottage in the country... all our old ones that we had as kids... always so much fun even when i go down there with a group of my age friends =)


gotta be pictionary imagination can be let wild


...I'm definitely a sucker for Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary and Scattergories....lol I remember a few times at Uni where I was the undisputed Scattergory champ and my flat mates always wanted a revenge match and yet lost again....there was one time we played from 3pm till 6am in the morning cause they wanted rematches...finally I had to tell them to get stuffed and go to bed....because I was falling to sleep right there...and at that time of the morning that was the only language that actually sunk in....


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