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Expressions of life! What is art?

I often come across not just very interesting works of art, but whole exhibitions and would love to share them and hear the views of Chelsely women on contemporary art. I thought maybe this thread could be devoted to unusual art finds so we can all broaden our experience of what’s going on in world in this area. The first exhibition I would like to share would be considered ‘shocking’ or even just ‘embarrassing’ by many. It is a show about women, designed by artist Jamie McCartney (http://www.hayhillgallery.com/mccartney.html) and is currently on in Brighton, . The idea behind it is to change perception about the female body. The works consist of a nine metre panels which shows four hundred plaster casts of vluvas, all unique, from women ranging in age from 18 to 76 years old. There are mothers and daughters, identical twins, transgendered men and women, as well as a woman pre- and post natal. The piece is intended to change the lives of women for good. ‘I realised that many women suffer anxiety about their genitals and I was in a unique position to do something about that’ (Jamie McCartney) I’d go along with this philosophy though it does seem rather odd coming from a man rather than a woman. Nevertheless, half a decade since its humble beginnings, the exhibtion is still a success. What do you think? Is this art? Is it a man’s place to present this exhibition? Would you go to see this exhibition if it came to NZ? Would you take your partner?


There has been a lot of discussion on Chesley about feeling at ease with one's sexuality. I wonder how many of us feel totally comfortable looking at this (at least in the presence of others)!

those girls are probably going now which one looks closest to mine...lol notice how the girls are right up there and the guy is casually hanging back but focused....lol...


oh yeah, I've seen that before. It's very interesting, isn't it.


This isn't art for me. I do believe it's great to show women that they don't all have to be sexually anatomically exactly the same and not to be afraid of their individual differences. But then again, how many women normally study other women's vulvas to compare them? I can’t speak for you, but the shape of my vulva has ever been a major concern for me! Maybe it’s because a man put this show together, even though he states his intentions are “for the good”, I feel slightly uneasy. I don’t find the exhibiton offensive but if a woman had created the show, perhaps I would feel less concerned regarding possible voyeurism and the exploitation of women. After all, aren't all our bodies, faces , features, etc. different? Why did McCartney not create a display of scrotums, penises or anuses . Are men more secure than women about their sexual anatomical differences! Not going by the media feeds us constantly about size, etc. Would I visit this exhibition if it came to NZ? I really don’t know - but I know that if I did, it would be with girlfriends rather than male friends. I can just imagine the comments to cover the awkward silences!


This is soo weird. I wouldn't go see this as an exhibition on this! I too find this weird that a guy made this......actually, that something like this has actually been made.?! I wonder how he came up with an idea like this and how he went about it? HMMMMM


you know whats not art... Stuff like this one.. where is just paint thrown at a piece of paper... honestly? im pretty sure i could have been an artic at 2yr old

The tv show How To Look At A Painting is really good and explains quite a bit about what some people get out of paintings that others aren't sure what to make of, or don't get anything out of.

lol i dunno i guess we all look at things differently.. but the way people explain some of their art in these crazy wacko ways just makes me mad sometimes =P

I like it when I can understand a piece of art. Like if the child that created this piece could explain what it was about (like the landscape of a certain city or something), then perhaps I could visualise it a bit & then accept it. But until then I just think it's a piece of crap!


Hmm, what else can we find that is not art (to us)? The vulva's don't really do anything for me. It's interesting for a moment, but that's about it.

but at least you can see the time an devotion thats gone into it... splashes on a wall is like 2 mins work!!


And Simon Schama's The Power of Art was great. Here's the first part of the episode on Rothko.


thanks for that KH. Very interesting. The others can be found on youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJ8AIIAgYpg&feature=player_embedded - click on the links on the right


Very good shows. Something new to consider.... Using thousands of large crayons, artist Herb Williams creates a field of sculpture flames for Unwanted Visitor: Portrait of Wildfire at the National Ranching Heritage Center in Lubbock, Texas. Apparently he has an account with Crayola! For more info: http://www.designboom.com/weblog/cat/10/view/17070/crayon-wildfire-sculptures-by-herb-williams.html http://www.facebook.com/portraitofwildfire

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