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Entertainment while camping.

There's an endless list, when the weathers fine ....

What does one suggest on wet days?


some board or card games, read a good book, if you have a tablet watch a movie etc


Camp games:

or, if the weather is warm :
Go for a swim... and if you thought ahea
Have a water balloon fight
Attack each other with squirt guns

Get musical:
Bring a mouth organ to play
Sing some songs - see if you can get through a whole CD

Quizzes - first letter/last letter, eyespy, truth or dare

Read a book

Word association games

Take some rainy day photos

Make some camp popcorn

Write out lists that you always wanted to do but never get around to doing

Do some pushups, sit ups, etc.

Tell stories

Just talk

Plait your hair

Dress up in each others' clothes

See how long you can go without talking

Catch up on sleep...


Card games, card games, card games!!! Always a win in my household!


Play eyespy, sing songs. Play Mastermind or similar quizzes.


Card games,eating,music and some munchies...:)


I definitely recommend boardgames. Don't let that fool you though, I'm not thinking the horribly isolating game we all know as Monopoly. There are some absolutely amazing boardgames out there which are easy to transport and fun for all members of the family.

Zombie Dice is great and easily transportable. If you have a caravan and don't have to carry too much, I would recommend King of Tokyo as an easy to learn game, Carcassonne if your family are a little older (10+).

I play Carcassonne with my friends weekly, we're all aged 25-50! Boardgames aren't just for children!


Definitely snooze and read in bed if you don't have kids....
If you do have kids, then snoozing will be out of the question!! So would have to agree with the good old cards and board-games.

Or jump in the car and go for a drive to the nearest town for some window shopping and a real coffee!


I always plan to catch up on reading etc but get so relaxed I can't do anything! Love Wice's list -some of them made me laugh...I'm not sure I could suggest some of them to OH without him getting the wrong idea!


Singing songs together, playing card games, and cricket on the beach. try going on photo hunts, where you have to take photos of various different things.

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