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This thread is for those that like to read & talk about the latest celeb gossip as I do. So the biggest news I've read today was Kim Kardashian's filed for divorce from her new hubby - her marriage only lasted 72 days! I wonder what went wrong there but I think one of the stink things I felt from watching & reading about her relationship in the media is they're just two totally differently personalities. Im quite shocked that she's divorcing him so soon, the wedding was so lavish but the first negative sign for me was the wedding picture featured on the cover of People magazine - it was just Kim alone without her groom, did anyone else find this odd? I hope this wasn't all a big sham just to get their show ratings up, if the next season is all about Kim going through divorce then I think it's really sad & pathetic & heartless.


Oh my gosh I just read what Kris said in a public statement which sounds so sad because he seems like a really nice guy... ‘I love my wife and am devastated to learn she filed for divorce. I’m committed to this marriage and everything this covenant represents. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make it work.’

I reckon it was all a ploy because all of the shows the Kardashians have, have dropped dramatically in ratings....and they have lost a number of sponsors to younger up and coming socialite starlets.....and this is her second divorce she was married to RnB record producer Damon Thomas....and she married him without her parents blessing (her dad was alive then)....

...her husband soon to be ex bought her a 16 carat diamond engagement ring will be interest to see if she gives that back...lol....I wonder what could have happened for it to turn this bad so quickly....I hope they can save their marriage but only time will tell....


I read they ultimately couldn't agree on where to live together & Kris found it hard adjusting to the Kardashian "Brand" but surely it's more than that because it's not him that filed for divorce. Poor guy.

...Yeah it just seems like an extreme move to end it all especially if it was over the location that is just stupid I am sure they could make it work....maybe they should have thought about it more before exchanging vows...I think she may have been more about the wedding and the celebrations and he was thinking more of the relationship and the future....o well I suppose it may be better to find out now instead of being in a relationship that they are not happy in...

It's a wee bit pathetic that Kim couldn't give it a bit more time - such a waste of money for that massive over-the-top but gorgeous wedding, even if most of the stuff was donated. She needs to learn that you have to work at a marriage - give and take, it's a partnership. She should take a look at how hard Khloe works at her marriage.

...now there are rumours TMZ type...lol that it was all arranged to boost ratings...just shows...some people just don't get it....I just hope the youth in America don't see this as anything more than stupid...because she is apparently an 'icon' for girls in the US....and how it played out shouldn't be considered acceptable....I want to say typical American social lite celebrities who's next Paris Hilton o wait...

...One thing I do like about all this Kardashian drama is Khloe she is cool...and always works hard on her marriage and relationship with her husband...have always liked her out of the whole clan...she is straight up and doesn't muck around...let's hope the youth recognise that...instead of seeing what Kim is doing


It's an awful lot to spend to boost ratings though.


...what is totally wrong about all of this is the way that the media are going crazy about the whole thing...a reality star who has failed twice at marriage is front page news....as oppose to war, hunger and natural disasters, some of which barely get a mention....there is definitely something wrong with that picture...

I agree and have to say I have no interest what so ever in her life.


Yeah I found it weird how she was even mentioned on TV1 news lastnight.

...the latest is an article about her unfollowing her soon to be ex husband on twitter...what the heck *shaking my head* don't understand why....

I know she got a lot of negative responses on her Twitter for asking "What did you think about my wedding?", heaps of followers corrected her by saying it should be "our wedding".

...no wonder people suspect that it was all set up....but I think when you really look at it, it's all about her and the money....you'd think she would have tried to save her marriage but not a chance....and I really don't know why I keep commenting on all this....lol...


Demi Moore is divorcing Ashton Kutcher, there must be something in the water, she hasn't been looking too healthy lately ay, apparently they had an open relationship even though they were married, weird.

...it was only a matter of time...before he was an actor he was a male model and apparently was a bit of a ladies man in the modelling world...so was quiet surprised when he got with Demi....but am not surprised it has finished...he has been rumoured to be going with much younger girls than her...but has always come up with a way of denying it...this time it must of been something he couldn't get out of I guess....


Apparently Cameron Diaz is dating Puff Daddy which is quite an odd pairing in my opinion. How long do you think they'll last?

....Yes I heard about this from my entertainment info hungry neice....lol...I think Cameron went a bit different after she broke it off with Justin Timberlake...but Puff Daddy I wonder if it is just some kind of marketing thing cause they have been quiet on the celebrity scene of late?.....


I'm not quite surprised by the one - Russell Brand & Katy Perry are getting divorced.

...I think Russell Brand is hilairously funny....and not a big fan of Katy Perrys music but they were an interesting odd couple to marry....must of been a big blow up to suddenly want to get divorced....he was on Ellen not long ago where she asked him about the rumours but he said they were all gud....I wonder how long after that it actually happened or was it already happening then and he was just covering it....that's one thing I hate about TVNZ about not being up to date with the Ellen show they change episodes like nothing....ridiculous really

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