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Embarrassing Bodies - Thursdays TV2 @ 8:30

This program has to be a big wake up for anyone thinking about Plastic Surgery. Bloody hell ladies is it really worth the risk?

Based on the snippets I've seen eeewwww so not worth it! But on the flip side of the coin if you had a disfigurement that with plastic surgery would change the quality of your life then why not by definitely not like the man and woman who under went plastic surgery to look like cats.......man that's beyond freaky!

This is a really interesting program and I think its such a good idea to show on television but I do not think plastic surgery is a light decision to make


Well... I've never watched the show... it sounds disgusting... but I'd have to say that for me, no, plastic surgery is not worth it. I don't even know what I'd have done if I was offered free surgery.

....Clyde are you talking about the one just on plastic surgery which was pretty hideous for both women and men...but the usual one where it is mostly about teens and young adults that was is full on...some of the yuckky things they have are really out their....last week or the week before can't remember when they had the regular doctor on the show talk about things stuck up someones bum to be blunt and some of the things were out there you have to wonder what the hell these people were thinking and I am talking about electric toothbrushes and kit kats I kid you not......

Kit Kats? *snort* What a waste of a kitkat!!

...sheesh what about the electric toothbrush hahahaha.....so funny!

Yeah you have to admire the doctors. But as mentioned not with food.


I have never watched this either. It may be getting on my high horse but from what I have gleaned, to me this would be the equivalent of visiting a freak show circus - something that thankfully, that no longer exists. I have to admit that without seeing the show, I can't really judge. However I just think the concept making money by putting people on show who obviously have some sort of problem, seems to be morally wrong.

...ohh know these doctors specialise in various areas...and they go to places like festivals, concerts, universities etc...and have like an open clinic where anyone can come if they have health issues or concerns most on the program are as stated earlier teens and young adults....they let the doc know whats wrong the doc has a look gives the verdict and then finds away of resolving the issue including surgery, counselling etc of which the show pays for and then they go back and see the people concerned later on and check to see however everything is going and the are all grateful for the doctors help so its not just a freak show....they are helped out a lot and taught how to care for their bits by these doctors to stop these things happening again....

It's quite an eye opener the teenage programme, and I've noticed my teens have started watching it . We often discuss "the changes" with our teens either openly as a family or in private with each child (got pick your moments though! lol!) and generally we leave it up to them or drop hints. At an age where they can be so insecure about their bodies it's great to see a programme that shows their peers in real life situations and that makes it normal, for everyone to have different issues that they can relate to. Good on the teens that publicly drop trou to help educate other teens.


I take it all back. Thanks for filling me in. Glad it's not a freak show but just shows normal physical variations of bodies too. I imagine that would be very reassuring for teens (and some adults too).

....yeah the doctors do really great things Wice they walk the teenagers and young adults through the whole process and find ways of fixing their issues and the programs expense...they do a lot of wonderful things....can't wait to have a look at the next episode too....


I flick over in the ads sometimes, and sometimes it's just gross!

...yeah I use to think the same way too especially when I first saw it I was just curious...and when I started watching it I thought how can those kids let their bits hang out but it is in front of a doctor and I realised that they are helped so I eventually came around....lol

That's what I thought too. Totally turned me off but maybe that's media hype and there is more to this show.

...well they do usually play the most riveting parts of a program in ads in order to promote the program and attract viewers I suspect....


If you can get passed the grossness, ( and you have to admire them for being so brave to share) it is amazing how many problems I never knew existed. I feel really sorry for some of them and they must have thought "what the hell" when it happened to them. I hate going to the doctor so I'm glad I haven't had to share anything embarrassing. (knock on wood)


I wonder if the kids get paid to share their embarrassing bodies - guess so or they probably wouldn't do it. I haven't seen the show. Do they show their faces? Oh No! just found the link to apply to be on the show: the website "Embarrassing Bodies" where there is an A-Z of embarrassing illnessess, as well as embarrassing videos and questions and answers. There is a particular request for men with problems down below! They are filming now so you need to be quick! What's more they want photos and there is no mention of payment. You would have be be some kind of exhibitionist. Think I've changed my mind about this programme back to where it was that this is exploitive with an element of voyeurism - regardless of whether or not it helps some people. Just take a look at the pictures they use on the application form. Talk about sleazy! Yuk! http://www.channel4embarrassingillnesses.com/


I wish this had been around when I was a teen. So many things you just don't know about. What's normal, what's not. It's great!

Agree. This is a beautiful program which points out the human truth & really highlights that we all suffer in silence. If this was available when I was a teen perhaps I wouldnt of lead myself astray having no one to turn to because of embarressment. Its very educational, very realistic & it makes you feel better that you are not the only one who has flaws within your body. Some of the things I've seen unbelievable but sadly very real to those affected. It lifts burdens of people's shoulders when they have somewhere to refer to for answers.. as for surgery etc.. as the individual with the problem.. i think if it were ourselves we would go for it because as with all the recipients of the program they sure have an explosion of point blank confidence. Its fantastic!


Love this series - I find it so interesting and insightful... Though really would not recommend eating anything while watching. It will put you off your food! :/

...I totally agree unless you may want it to come back up....lol...


I've only seen one episode and found it interesting. One of my sisters watches it every week with equal parts morbid fascination and revulsion. She's become more careful concerning her health since then.


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