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Dry July - entertainment options

Is anyone else out there doing Dry July? I decided to just to prove to myself that I can, and because I've recently joined a gym so hey! Why not do all the healthy things at once?

Does anyone have any good ideas about things to do on a Friday or Saturday night that don't generally involve bars or restaurants? My friends and I are all in our early thirties, so when we get together to socialise we usually pick a nice restaurant and meet there. During July it might be helpful to me to find things to do where others can't drink too, not just me!

Hi rhalkett, today is my 31st day without any alcohol or caffeine.....I sort of started the dry july thing a bit early. I'm surrounded by drinkers from a Thursday to sunday & all I drank was zero lemonade. I found that if I had it in my usual BIG wine glass I coped better ....I thinks its more of a mind thing. Set yourself little goals for the end of the week.......go week by week instead of saying i'm not drinking for a month....breaking it down I don't think it sounds as long. If I can do it you can too.....Good Luck :o)


Design a progressive mocktail event where each of you or a couple of you choose to make a mocktail with canapes at your place and then you move onto the next person's place and do the same etc. A lot of fun. All you need is a blender, ice and different fruit juices, cocktail glasses. It could be a competition. Ten pin bowling-lots of fun and doesn't have to involve alcohol or a dessert evening at your own place. Have your own girls night in with really old movies or do a climbing wall something completely different, an evening swim or sauna. Have a fondue night at your place-not hard to organise and it could be sweet and or savoury. The money you wold spend on alcohol in an evening use it to something completely different-go t a play, orchestra ballet or opera-get cheap seats and see what it is like, Go go kart racing or go to the Speedway. Seriously there are so many things you can do. If you cant decide then put all the ideas into a hat and draw one out and get a person to organise it for the following week. I think that it is great that you are trying something new and detoxifying your body in the process.


Why Dry July? What did July ever do to you? Be smart and try it in February there are only 28 days. Just reduce the amount or frequency. Or say have a dry weekend- but a whole month! Oh, where is the humanity!!!


Friends did this last year. He went fishing a lot and she slept a lot.


I'd never heard of "Dry July" until a week ago.....but I decided one day in June that I wanted to lose some weight & was sure that my drinking too much was the main cause of my weight gain.....xmas celebrations have never stopped!!!! Today I can sit up straight with an all mighty smile on my dial & say today is my 31st day without any alcohol of caffeine what so ever!!!! I've been surrounded by people drinking from Thursdays to sundays & all I've been drinking is zero lemonade in my wine glass. I've lost 5kg & feel fantastic......don't have that 'why did I drink so much last night" feeling when I get up in the weekends. I'm bouncing out of bed around 6am everyday & ready to take on whatever comes my way. The money I've saved from not drinking is going to be spent on myself for a change....not my little one or things for around the house. I'm going to book myself in for a lovely facial, as I've only ever had 2 in my life, long over due for another. I think if you really set your mind on something you can do it.


Good on you for doing a dry July, the results will be amazing, suggest skyplanet or going skiing


Thank you all for the good luck wishes, and good luck to those who are also giving something up!

There were some fantastic ideas you put out there, I'll definitely be using them, even beyond July! I plan to start having a few drinks in August, but having no alcohol for just two weeks has been amazing, so I'm going to attempt a subtle lifestyle shift. I've lost weight, saved money (and promptly spent it on clothes), I have more energy, clear skin.... I sound like a freaking tampon ad, but it really is awesome.


Dry July is officially over so I would love to know if anyone is going a dry August as well. Some great ideas offered on how to spend your time, what did you get up to? Unfortunately I only just read these post so it was it was a fairly wet July for me.


I guess going anywhere where you can't drink - movie theatres that don't sell wine, restuarants where the wine is ridiculously expensive, unlicenced cafes or dinner at friends houses where the focus is on the food and no wine is allowed. Love having sparkling grape juice in my champagne flute when I am driving - makes me feel part of the party!


Congratulations to those who successfully completed 'Dry July'. For some it would have taken some extraordinary willpower, but worth it for the health benefits and for the discovery that you don't 'need' alcohol to have an awesome time.


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