Discussing :: Does the car maketh the person?


Personality is far more attractive than an expensive car. A boring person driving a Jag is so unattractive.


I always though a BMW was an up market car and therefore should stand for "Bought for My Wife". Certainly a great car to be seen in and hopefully doesn't leak oil on the driveway. Maybe one day


Ways a good woman improves Man. First is by changing his car.

Ha, sounds like his manhood just got ripped out to make him more desirable.


No I think the person maketh the car. Actually my car does say a lot about me in reality. But as for dreams and aspirations my fantasy car is a whole different kettle of fish.


Mine is a '98 Nissan March. My 14YO son hates it. I love it easy to park, cheap to run and so far reliable. He says I'm a cheapskate or something.


What does the colour of your car say about you. Black cars denote an aggressive personality or someone who’s an outsider or rebel. Silver a symbol luxury and class. A recent study shows silver cars are 50 percent less likely to be involved in a crash. Red cars denote those who are full of passion, energy and drive and who think move and talk quickly. Blue cars are chosen by the more introspective, reflective and cautious driver. Blue is cool and serene. It calms the mind and creates a sense of tranquility. White cars represent status-seeking extrovert drivers, white symbolizes innocence and purity. Green cars can often be chosen by people with hysterical tendencies, green means caring for the environment. Yellow cars signify someone who is idealistic and novelty loving. A gold car represents wealth and pride.


What a guy really wants is say a Mustang or a Porsche. What he is allowed instead is a Corolla or People Mover. Where did the male population go wrong, why has this happened to us? A Camry in the driveway tells everyone that you know what is important in life, and it's not your car. Boring !!!


Does the car maketh the person? NO! Perhaps it maketh the person poor but image is ridiculous whether it be in a motor vehicle or just the Jimmy Choo shoes. A car is a conveyance, a convenient way from travelling from A to B and back, no one really notices its shape, colour or condition for that matter!


In my case - absolutely! May look a bit rough on the outside but runs well, lasts with minimal maintainence, bit messy, but still loveable!


No I dont think it does. You are your own person regardless of what type of car you drive BUt it does show what type of person you are when you drive certain types of cars.

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