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Christmas Tree....

I always put my Christmas Tree up around the 1st of December and so do most people I know.But my Mother in Law visited us this weekend and was shocked we had the tree up....Her words were It is far to early to put the tree up....When is the right time?Thoughts anyone.


1st of Dec or anytime after


The right time is when ever YOU want to put it up!! (As long as its not before Halloween like some of the shops!!)


Anytime in December is ok.....but I think there is a rule about taking it down....something about the 12th night after Christmas??? (or perhaps that was just in our family!!??)


Traditionally its meant to go up on Christmas Eve and then stay up for the next 12 days. We're pretty laid back with putting it up though and its still not up....


I tried to resist, but the kids won and the tree was up on 3 December!


no real xmas tree for us this year, as we are having xmas away from home, so we have a little artificial one up and few decorations just to be festive but my partners family have gone all out with their decorations so am looking forward to getting away for the holis


We always put it up on December 1st as it's my daughter's birthday and it's been tradition since she was born.She'll be 28 this year :)


Anytime you feel like and you want to.. who makes the rules anyway?!! Its your home and if you want it up early go for it... These days there are just too many should haves and shouldnt haves around.... be free to do what you want in your home... i think the start of december is fine but earlier just means you enjoy it longer which is great too!! :)


I always believed as a child growing up that the Christmas tree should go up on them1st of December. But now I'm not so sure. Mum has always been stubborn and put it up only a couple of weeks before Christmas. The thing is that stores and buisnesses prepare for Christmas way earlier. I think that you should have your tree up early enough to enjoy it so maybe the second week of December :-)


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