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Does anyone make their own bread anymore? I'm not talking about using a bread maker but getting your hands covered in dough and hand kneading it and really getting that satisfaction from doing it yourself? :) I love it. I make a lovely sweet chilli and cheese loaf and a pickle and cheese one too. I also make rolls for the kids school lunches and stuff them with lemon honey and cheese or sweet chilli and cheese. Saves a lot of time in the morning making sandwiches as the rolls are ready to wrap and go and the kids love them.


I do on occasion, and would really really love to do so more often, however our new place doesn't have a hot water cupboard and everywhere seems to be too cold to leave it to let rise! That and I find it very time consuming... I wish the hot bread fairy would just bring hot, fresh, handmade bread whenever I clicked my heels three times :)


Yum Jude21 you take bread making to a new level. On the odd occasion I will make my own bread, rolls or damper. Rhalkett I do not have a suitable hot water cupboard and use a warm oven with a glass of water in it for the yeast to work. A little time consuming as eventually I need to get the oven hot to bake the bread.


I use to make hot cross buns every year when my teens were small but now i find it quicker and easier to buy them, i have only ever attempted to make bread once and that was when i was in college years ago..nothing beats the smell of baked bread in the house though!! Sadly i buy mine :)


I know a few people who do make there own bread, in the oven rather than in brea makers, they make simple and traditional breads and are so delicious


Nothing beats fresh homemade bread. Tastes great, smells great and so satisfying to know you made it


its probably best i dont as i tend to eat it straight from the oven with lashings of butter...and have the figure to prove it...i have never had much luck making anything other than small round missiles anyway. leave to my mum!


yes - last time i got dough-hands i was making easter buns Yum, i might just make some more now


I make my own bread all the time. I bought a HUGE bread making recipe book on Amazon which has literally hundreds of recipes from all over the world so there's always something new to try. Have to admit, I do sometimes use the breadmaker for the initial stages but I love making fancy shapes so I usually pull it out after kneading. My very favourite sweet bread is cinnamon sugar coated German jam donuts and my mouth is watering just thinking about them. These are a "no more than once a year" treat. My favourite plain bread is the baguette - simply flour and water. I make this in a special baguette tin though a friend of mine uses a metal pipe which he sawed in half vertically. Works a treat either way. If you use the right flour, you get a wonderfully crunchy crust and big open chewy holed bread inside. The flavour is amazing - just like the real McCoy in France!


Bread, it is our means of nutrients.. and why we work for eh... but we don't live by bread alone... so common down, some pasta or noodles would be nice to add variety to bread, and some salad too!

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