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I read anything and everything, it's a great habit and very hard to break !!


I haven't read a fictional book in Soooooo long. I have a stack of books almost a metre high beside my bed that I have to wade though, and they're all study related. Quite daunting really. But I don't have time to read fiction on top of all that. I read a few film magazines, but again, study related...


im free from study atm.. so fiction all the way baby!!


SO many great books out there, one could go broke eh!! Reading is just one of my addictions.


Another avid reader here with literally walls and wardrobes stacked. Usually have two or three books on the go at any one time plus a pile next to my bed ready and waiting! Just remembered we have a topic going on favourite books already - some time in August from memory if anyone wants to go back to this.


yah, Anna. What are you reading first? I very rarely buy books - only the ones I want to keep & re-read a lot (or just keep because they're beautiful)


I am a bookaholic and am reading every night before bed. Sometimes there's a sneaky afternoon I'm outside in the sun (weather permitting) for a bit of a reading session as well. As I study fulltime, I HAVE to fill my 'me'-time with escapist indulgent fiction. My favs are Marian Keyes and James Patterson. So good! I find once I find an author whose style I really click with - I'll go out to Borders or look on trademe and get what I can from them. I'm barely ever disappointed!


I've been getting back into reading more fiction over the summer. One of my bookcrossing friends has lent me "The Tale of Genji" while she reads the rest of the books she's been sent. It's pretty interesting but it's a very large book written in a very small font, so it's taking me a while to get through. I'm also planning on purchasing and reading Tamora Pierce's "Mastiff" soon. I really love her books.

I love the idea of book sharing - though it doesn't always work. One of the girls in my old office tried to make everyone read 'Eat Pray Love'. Only problem was it was so dry people took months to read it! She lent it to me and then left the company suddenly so I still have it sitting on my bookshelf unread :/


There is absolutely NOTHING that beats a curl up in bed with a good book. Crisp cotton and wondrous words. It's just that my eyes keep closing....


I used to read heaps of fiction but haven't for ages. Need to find a good book to get me back into it!

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