Discussing :: Boast away!! And if you don't like boasting, stay away :)


Boast away!! And if you don't like boasting, stay away :)

I love hearing interesting things that people have done or achieved. So let's entertain each other with the most interesting things you've done this year. If you think this is boasting, don't read any further. If you think it's entertaining, as I do, join in!! This year I have had dinner with Helen Clark. She was amazing, entertaining, very real, very passionate about her work and the arts. I was very impressed at her ability to deal with a lot of people who all wanted a piece of her. Inspiring. I directed the video for Richard O'Brien's (Riff Raff/Rocky Horror Show) "Party Time with Richard O'Brien" shot at the Founders Theatre a few weeks ago. That was fun. He gave me an engraved Zippo lighter to say thank you. Now I have to take up smoking :) And just today I swam down the Waikato under 5 of Hamilton's bridges. Took about 70 minutes and was SO much fun. I talked a couple of my fellow PhD students to come with me and we laughed the whole way down. Highly recommended. Okay, do your best! I look forward to hearing the cool things you've done recently.


Oh this all sounds really exciting!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I love hearing about peoples fun experiences, so thanks for sharing Fi ;) I can think of a few exciting things that happened last year...like serving some meals to the All blacks and French team at the IRB awards :D However, this isn't recent.. Most recently I went to 'Would I Lie To You' (it screens on Sundays 7pm) and I was apart of the audience for one of them! Was a wicked experience...I licterally walked right past Paul Henry and was way too shy to say hey or have a conversation hahaha :( :(...I am a HUGE fan of him so I was gutted I didn't get his signature or photo or anything. Man, he just cracks me up big time :p. Miss him on breakfast!!!!!!! I would be interested to hear of other's exciting experiences ;)

Hey, thanks for sharing Bernadette! It's so awesome to see things being filmed, especially when you like the show! Something about the live audience that makes it so much more exciting. I went to the filming of Who's Line is it Anyway in LA and left with sore cheeks from smiling and sore hands from clapping. SO much fun!

I'm TOTALLY envious about serving meals to the All Blacks and French team!! Cooool!!! I'd be so nervous I'd probably drop something on the hottest guy there. Haha.

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