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Best movie that you saw in 2012

My favourite movie of 2012 was Argo, but I really loved some others too like Dark Knight Rises, Bernie, and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. What was the best movie that you saw in 2012/ what film did you enjoy most?


Favourite movie for me was Looper starring Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt and someone I haven't seen before, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I love movies that are clever and tricky which take a good 15 minutes to wrap your head around what is going on, along with an action packed movie that has you sitting on the edge of your seat, and an unpredictable twist at the end!! ***** 5 star rating for this one, and would recommend to everyone, especially those Bruce Willis fans!!

I am a big Bruce Willis fan. I just saw that it was released on DVD on the 25th of Jan, so I will definitely grab it. I cant wait for the twist at the end! Thanks for recommending it.

No problem :) You will love it! Nice to watch something a bit different and unpredictable :)


Has to be Skyfall... 007

I liked Skyfall too, and Daniel Craig isn't too bad either :)


I would say it had to be the Intouchables. My partner was reluctant to see a French film with subtitles, not his thing, but I had read the reviews, and was fairly sure he would like it. He agreed, as I needed cheering up, after not getting a job I had had high hopes for after 4 interviews. Well, it totally cheered us both up! We haven't laughed so much in ages - almost rolling out of our seats with laughter. And good funny, not cruel funny. It was a clever, warm, surprising, entertaining, brilliant beautiful and inspiring film, especially when we found it was based on a true story. We completely forgot it wasn't in English after less than 5 minutes! I would recommend seeing it while you can at the cinema (still on at the Vic in Devonport) as you can share the laughter with the rest of the cinema, but otherwise, get it on DVD and enjoy!

I have heard good things about the Intouchables. I am usually not too keen on subtitles either, but if the movie is good, I guess it doesn't matter really. Thanks for the beautiful review flowery3, I am definitely going to get it out on DVD!


John Carter, it is a super amazing entertaining movie in 2012, that the box office snabbed, they say it did not make money... forget it, the movie is really lovely and entertaining, myself, my partner, and my mates love it... Cheers!

Thanks for the recommendation djavkal! I will keep an eye out for it.


The hobbit without a doubt


Although it went forever I'd have to say The Hobbit :)

My best friend just said the exact thing! I think despite its length, it's definitely a clear favourite.


The lost valentine - total and utter chicke flick... but so beautiful!!

Thanks for the recommendation! I am a sucker for chick flicks and for Betty White. I will see if I can get this out on DVD.


Totally loved "The Intouchabless" and thoroughly recommend this to anyone who want's a human story full of joy and hope and what'smore, based on a true story - it's totally heartwarming and funny. Don't be put off by the synopsis - the story of a rich middle-aged quadraplegic man living in Paris and his helper (didn't t tell hubbie before dragging him along or he definitely would never have gone. He loved it too. Wish there were more like this!


Have to say the one I had most fun at was rock of ages- not just the comedy, but the memories of the 80's, and the music- not sure the other members of the audience appreciated my singing though!

I love everything about the 80's too and the music rocked. Your comment made me smile, I am sure other people were singing along too! I will add this movie to my list of movies to watch. Thanks T.J for recommending it.

You're very welcome! I suggest closing the curtains, take the phone off the hook and warn the neighbours- then siiiiiiiiiing!

I saw the shorts but missed out on seeing the movie. Reading your post has reminded me to look out for this one! Sounds great fun!

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