Discussing :: Art thee a Shorty fan?


I am addicted to Shorty! there are always some dramas going on and I can't bear to miss even one episode, it's crazy! I love it so much and I think the acting is quite good for a New zealand series :)


i am soooo a shorty fan!! never miss it - lol love on demand because i do often need to watch on there!! I really want the app to come out for galaxy tablet now aswell, annoys me that its always just for iphone people!!


It's alright they replay the same old story lines at times and the characters never seem to develop - Rachel McKenna for instance - annoying as hell and never changes. Sarah - weak character that needs to develop - And why do all the married couples always cheat..


I have always been an avid fan of the street however i do feel the story lines are going round in circles now and if i miss a few episodes it so easy to catch up, its not fast pace. Got to NZ's best!!


I am surrounded by avid Shorty fans and have to bite my tongue on a regular basis. I guess when you know the characters and become emotionally involved with what happens to them you can see passed the obvious plot twists and dreadful acting. I guess it's like that for people who don't like rugby when everyone else is crazy for it - my sister sat playing angry birds on the ipad while we watched the final of the world cup!!


The one programme I watch religiously and have for as long as I can remember.


No, I have tried several times to watch over the years and just can't stand the bad acting!!


definitely a fan, i started watching it with my mum from the very first episode way back then :) I even make sure i can tape it all when ive been overseas for a month so i dont miss anything :D


Oh my goodness! Arrgghhh! Why you so dramatic and exciting lately Shorter's??? Do you know how hard you make it for dishes to get done at home right now? Ive watched it for years, I hate missing an episode, love ondemand, I cant imagine not watching it................are we the next generation of diehard "Coro Watchers" but for Shortland St? Who else out there tortures their kids when they want to watch something on another channel? I dont even know what else is on in this time slot on other channels!


ive been a fan on and off as ive lived overseas a few times over the years, but it has always been a fav. loving it at the mo with all its drama. it great being able to talk to colleagues and especialy my mum and grnadma about it, sometimes it sounds like we are talking about real life people, it funny.

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