Discussing :: Art thee a Shorty fan?


Ive always been a Shorty fan, its not very kiwiana but when its good its good and when its bad its really bad, I think by now Rachel and Chris should own the show lol love em both ;}


I loveeeeee Shorty St, Rachel and Chris are getting a bit old, would love to see her have a baby! Hah!


I am not a fan. But my father watches it every night. He loves it. I prefer Eastenders and Days of Our Lives.


I watch it occationally but often I find it cringeworthy as the acting is really bad in some parts. However I have always liked the Sarah/TK storyline as I think they are both excellent actors but the new ones to the cast are awful I find it hard to watch most times.


I'm addicted to it! there are always dramas going on and the characters are so easy to fall in love with! my favourite family are the Coopers, what great actors and they are so funny! :)


I have watched the show off and on since it started (mainly on) and I do love it. There are times it does drag a bit and I can go without watching for a week or so, but there is always something around the corner ready to capture me again and bring me back to the telly at 7pm. I do disagree that it doesn't feel real, I feel as though it is very real and sometimes find myself yelling at or getting annoyed, being upset and crying or laughing and being happy on occasions with the actors on tv, strange I know but I'm sure all you shorty street fans out there do the same thing, tell the truth (-:


For a brief period years ago, yes. But I work in a hospital...we have our own Shortland Street lol. Good on Shortland Street for hangin in there for so long..its been a great career launching show for a lot of our kiwi actors and actresses. Long may it continue.


No NO NO, i hate the stereotypes, it is so cringe worthy. There are a few good characters and story lines but I cannot stand the majority of it. But, Brooke rocks!


I've watched it for years, started only because my mum and sister watched it. Far better now than what it used to be (as with Coro St). They do have some bad story lines though regarding relationships, etc. I'd rather they avoided that aspect in a family show.


Total addict ;)


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