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Art thee a Shorty fan?

Many years ago, I gave it ago, but I've never managed to been a fan of Shortland Street myself. I know there are many who love this show and wouldn't miss an episode. However, despite its years on air, on the ocassions I have seen it, I always felt slightly embarassed watching. Somehow these people don't seem real to me and reflect neither Kiwi life or values. I feel myself cringing at the acting. I just can't take ownership. As Queen Victoria once said "I am not amused!" However, when I look a a show like the recent Australian series "Offsppring", I absolutely loved this. It was funny, real and involving - despite the sometimes bizarre story lines. So why do so many Kiwis love Shortland Street? I know I usually have to sit quietly if I am at a friends and this show comes on. Does anyone else feel like me?


I love shorty but im not so obsessed as if i miss i show i dont really care lol. But I do love to watch it, especially when it gets interesting!


i was never a fan for many years, then went and stayed with my sister for a break, and they were avid fans, so yes i got in to watching it and have ever since, never miss it, i must say some of the story lines are rather annoying these days, and the acting could be better from some, but for a home grown soap, it is the best , and i love my dose of nightly shorty street.


I am a regular watcher of Shortland Street - enjoy the opportunity after dinner/dishes to relax and watch it.


I am a regular watcher of Shortland Street. Long may it last.


At the very beginning I watched Shortland Street and for about a year or so actually enjoyed it. It was only after that period that I became less interested in it and then I moved into a flatting situation in which it wasn't watched and I couldn't say at all at the time that I missed it. It has been several years now since I have watched it and on the occasion that I flick through the channels and see it, I am so far out of date with who's who's etc. and to be frank the show just isn't good enough to draw me back in anyway. To me it is just average television and that half an hour each day is much better spent reading a good book than watching an average, sensationalist, soap opera.


lol I dont really watch TV and Shorty I have no interest in as I dont even know the characters anymore


Looove shortland street, watch it every night. I like how it is one of those shows that you could not watch for a week/month and could pick up the plot pretty quickly


Yes!!! Love both old and new!! Didn't watch from the beginning so catching up on all gos!


A teeny tiny bit embarrassed to admit it....but I LOVE shorty! If I miss an episode, will go to TV On Demand to catch-up! I get ALOT of sh*t from my family for it!! I actually think that it is something NZ can be proud of...an entertaining show with good actors and has stuck around for a long time!


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