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3D TV - pros and cons

I get a kick out of 3D movies and I was ust wondering how popular 3D TV is here in NZ. I often think about you Anna (with envy I'm afraid) and wonder how you are going with the 3D TV you won from Chelsey a few years back. Is there much broadcast in 3D or is it predominantly movies that you hire? Do you need special glasses or are the simple ones you use at the movies ok for 3D TV now. What's the quality like? Not that hubbie is likely to ever get on board with contributing to the cost of one, but I'd love to hear of anyone's experiences and any arguments I could use for winning him over would be appreciated.


The TVs generally only come with 2 pairs of 3D glasses and at $85.00 a pop for extras its a bit steep. They don't seem to be making any TV content in 3D so you have to fork out for new 3D DVDs. Personally I think its a fad that will die out pretty soon.


I have a 3d tv but never use the 3d. Have two pairs of glasses so cant watch with many people. Was just the cheaper option when I got the tv. Picture qualitys great


I find it hard to watch 3D movies so buying this wouldn't be an option. Once they improve the technology so you don't need glasses then that would be great.


to be honest not the biggest fan especially with action movies, get a lil faint!!! lol.


Who wants to wear an extra pair of glasses watching tv??


Certain movies in 3D l have seen are great and beat 2D hands down, but l find after say a 3 hour movie l suffer a little vertigo. General TV watching l wouldn't bother. A great experience though


Over rated for the home , rather see it on the Big screen at the movies

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