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Worst and best features

I'm interested. Everyone has a best and worst feature on their face - skin (spots, colour, pores..), nose (shape, size, nostrils... ) eyes, brows, lids,lips, teeth, facial hair, chin shape, etc.

What are your best and worst facial feataures? I wonder how many share the same?


Worst: Nose
Best: My lips (no need for filler) and my eyes.


Worst is my hair. Difficult, lacklustre and mousy.
Best is my feet. A nice size 7 and perfect toes.
Everything else is something in the middle.


Worst is definitely my hair which is too thin, best would be my eyes.


Hmmmmm I dunno, there are quite a few features I don't like about myself but I try and see a good side to it. I have a large forehead.....haha my nose is also very big! But it's what makes me, me! We are our own worst critic ;). I don't mind my eyes or lips.....


Well people tend to think I am a lot younger than I am so I guess my skin is a good feature, my nose is alright but my eyes are too small and far apart.


Best are my arms, worst would have to be my feet.


I missed this post last year....my eyes are my best features...but the crowsfeet around them are my worst!


My eyes are definitely the best, my hands after 2 failed surgeries have to be the worst, they just don't work anymore, just doing simple things is a complete nightmare.


These days I think my mind is my best feature lol, eyes aren't too bad if you ignore the crinkly edges....worst features would have to be my thinning hair and deep smile lines, I'm sure the La Mav range would help with that though.

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