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Who likes Hats!

I love hats and wish women still wore them at more than weddings and race meetings. When you see them in old movies they do amazing things for women - just gorgeous! I wondered if (m)any Chelsey women had a hat in their cupboard that they wore occasionaly. I'm not talking beanie type or plain sunhats - but a proper hat, the ones with flowers or feathers or fur trimmings.

...I love hats, caps and beanies....always have always will...unfortunately I don't have the other kind with flowers or feather or fur trimmings, what age range would wear those types of hats? just curious as IMHO I don't no to many women that would.....but everyone to their own......


So what do you think?

....ohh okay I like the first two rows....the last one I don't I would wear them plain though without the flower, fur or feather.....I've just never been a fan...but my mum would love them all.....


I guess hats for everyday wear started disappearing when it was decreed that women didn't' need to wear them to church any more. I know that in Europe, people wear fur hats a lot in winter but the gorgeous, pretty ones seem to be only for formal, festive occasions .... such a pity!


This time I've put together some iconic hats. How many do you recognise and can you name the wearers and some of the occasions?


I love hats! I almost always wear one while out, whether it's a cap, beret, trilby or safari hat. Though my family always groans when I bring a new one home.


i like hats, used to wear them all the time... but i dont have any atm... but i dont really do the crazy hats you see above...


These aren't really standard hats though - apart from Jackie Kennedy's pillbox which became synonymous with her look. Which do yo think is the worst hat in this bunch - bearing in mind some were hats worn for 'shows' (Mary Poppins, Carmen Miranda, My Fair Lady)

the one in the middle... the cream one.. so freaking hideous


Yes, if for nothing else Princess B will go down in history for this hat!

It's beyond ridiculous!


The more I look at hats, the more I love them. Here are some more of the more extreme hats that were seen at the Royal Wedding!


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